Buy flood safety on the road carefully through the vacuum

network to say what is hot this year? Small Fengjie?? or what Octopus brother ah, is not all, group purchase.

value of seventy more than a dozen pieces of movie tickets, four sets of hot pot consumption of $fifty stalls, a foreign language class to enjoy 7,8 discount. Above, only buy is possible.

2010, buy site has become the hottest Internet concept, the emergence of a large number of buy site. But consumers to buy such a low consumption there is no security risk eNet security channel learned that with the rapid popularization of the network, the number of complaints and risks are increasing. According to the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center news, the first group to buy site credit certification, more than and 300 groups of sites have submitted an application, but only about 20 certified credit qualification.

Xiao Bian learned for the first time also saw several network group purchase company Meimei at noon when chatting about, the original price of 307 yuan KTV singing package as long as 58 yuan will be able to fix, really amazing. The huge price gap to crush their wallet away "".

but then a few messages on the Internet to see the small bell sounded the alarm:

case 1:

a netizen bought a drum in a group of a Restaurant Restaurant packages two, then immediately paid the money. She has not been to the collar, the last day to get, the results of a check and found that one of the coupons have been taken away. The user went to ask the clerk, get the answer is: when we get on the phone account password."

although less than 10 yuan, but for the user, the money did not get something to buy the site is very disappointed. Why do you think this is wrong: the user guess: when you can get coupons, too many people, the clerk was wrong, and perhaps even buy a network of security problems, they were stolen account and password information.

case two:

a net friend to buy a network in a low price to buy a hair salon ten coupons, coupons marked in the working days to use. She deliberately picked to wash my hair in a world class, the night after 7 time the group has a coupon to the consumer, hairdressing shop employees simply busy. Wash your hair when you have to wait in line, waiting for twenty minutes, blowing hair and so on.

buy network often attract consumers at low prices, businesses do not consider their reception capacity and service level, to the consumer’s feeling is very poor". The users hope that the media can focus on the quality of service network. She told reporters, buy online shopping, low consumption costs, high cost of rights, the total will not be more than a dozen yuan, more than 20 yuan a trip to the business sector, right?

low threshold lead to buy buy flood protection who is responsible for

at the beginning of this year, the domestic emergence of a number of imitation of the United States to buy Groupon network model site. And biography

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