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NetEase Francisco March 26th message, according to foreign media reports, the group will soon be listed on Alibaba, Tmall mall is the focus of the company’s promotional efforts, is also one of the main engine driving the growth of the company. However, a number of international brands have been avoiding the online mall, on the grounds that the site is too high discounts and fierce competition affecting their business.

this kind of enterprise, including the headquarters located in the United States of San Francisco Benefit (Benefit Cosmetics) and Japanese fashion brand discount store Zozotown.

and high-end brands such as Louis Weedon also said that the site has a number of unauthorized Dealers – and this problem is what companies want Tmall to avoid.

· chief Janet

Tmall mall responsible for international business development; Wang (Janet Wang) said that the Alibaba’s position is only responsible to attract businesses, and the price is decided by its own brand strategy".

unauthorized goods can come from a range of channels, as concerns about this issue, Alibaba reply in the mail statement said, brand owners in accordance with their own policy management channels. The fact is that many of Tmall’s flagship store in the international brand, the platform will be extended to hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers to our brand, and let the two sides expand the ability to interact with the approval."

Alibaba was founded in 1999, was a Chinese supplier and overseas buyers linked to the site. The company is now the world’s largest online shopping company, based on the volume of transactions on the web. According to the person familiar with the situation, the total value of the goods Alibaba’s website last year trading for $240 billion — more than the sum of the Amazon Co and eBay company. Alibaba recently said that the company is ready to go public in the United States, people familiar with the matter said the amount of financing may be more than 15 billion u.s..

Alibaba in 2008 launched the Tmall mall, as a supplement to the brothers shopping site Taobao. In Taobao, anyone with a Chinese identity card can sell goods. Taobao, which has 7 million buyers, has been under the influence of counterfeit goods, which is known as a "cancer" by Alibaba chairman Ma Yun". Want to open stores in Tmall, businesses must hold a valid business license, provide information on the brand and products, and pay margin.

Tmall has been expanding the scale, there are more than 70 thousand sellers settled. According to consulting firm Rui International introduction, these sellers control the retail sales of 45% of China’s B2C network transactions. In the past 3 years, the total amount of transactions carried out by Tmall has grown by nearly 10 times to $273 billion 700 million (about $44 billion 200 million), according to the company. Tmall charges $2% to $5% per share for most transactions. Alibaba did not disclose the amount of Tmall transactions.

a large number of foreign brands on the site

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