Jingdong brush single Taobao lying gun

Jingdong officials encourage brush catch "scandal" is getting worse, in addition to the media questioned the attack, many businesses have begun to send such a get out of hand and anger not yet appeased, the noisy, alerted American investors may be in trouble, the brush the official nature, to a large extent may be suspected of financial fraud then, make a collective action problem is even greater.

do cause Ling ran under the struggling advance secretly by an unknown path single brush

In fact,

, for the Jingdong are scalping behavior no wonder, this is the electricity supplier industry unspoken rule, even in the traditional retail industry is very common, but the electricity market environment makes the importance of the brush can not be replaced, even the major electricity supplier in the thorough investigation of brushes, but to completely stop still need some time to explore solutions.

to brush single Jingdong always cause Ling ran, and was arrested this let onlookers know the drama do advance secretly by an unknown path. First, it is undeniable that the Jingdong has really been in the governance of brushes, the last year of the unruly brush single seller a $20 million ticket, at the end of the Jingdong was also due to renovation POP platform scalping problems and businesses erupted contradiction, including a brand underwear shop fined 160 thousand. But now people are left, Jingdong face hand combat brushes, behind a hand in the brush and encourage businesses, is a large brush, we had seen the Jingdong crackdown move is a single brush copy from rolia play


get out to return why always attack Ali? Since the face pain


needless to say, this thing is definitely not a single brush Liu Qiangdong commanded to do, or where he has face often to attack Ali? The following Jingdong staff were caught scalping is encouraging abruptly to Liu Qiang a slap in the face, the incident face louder, who let Liu Qiangdong day attack Ali? Get out to return home, also do not know the open platform? Who can guarantee that the Jingdong POP trading platform about 100000000000 volume

is clean?

everyone problems, then don’t accuse each other, do their own thing I got, on the platform of the brush is to forgive, but do not see their own problems but blindly accuse each other is unbelievable. Open platform itself is where the dragons and fishes jumbled together and brush single, originally is one of the main disadvantages of the platform model, although the Jingdong in the fight against a single brush, but not on behalf of Jingdong, there is no such behavior, not to mention this is the Jingdong’s own staff in encourage businesses to brush, nature is more different.

in addition, Ali has been in hard brushes, 2015 new standards for service in January this year, Tmall released, one of its core content is to brush single, concern letter will be taken to crack down on speculation behavior. The two rookie network just repaying a help sellers brush single express company, Ali on action to combat speculation letter from information monitoring extended to logistics, Jingdong


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