Taobao’s most difficult employment season start electricity supplier recruitment

2013 known as the hardest job in the history of the season, but the electricity supplier has ushered in the most short period of time, is expected in the next three years, only the talent gap on the Taobao platform on up to 3 million. In order to solve the employment paradox, Taobao University recently online and offline synchronization started electricity supplier recruitment, chief officer and chief officer of surprise, gossip, travel and other ten special game player chowhound jobs and hundreds of internships surfaced.

although the new occupation and the traditional sense of occupation. But Taobao online polls show that Internet users acceptance of small business enterprise which is a new occupation beyond imagination, more than 90% of users said they were willing to business enterprise work.

and the traditional experience of particular emphasis on different positions, love life, creativity, passion is a lot of electricity supplier companies value characteristics.

we set up a special CXO position, the full name is the chief surprise officer, the job duties of this position is to employees, to provide buyers with surprises." The famous clothing shop Liebo HR person who is responsible for this.

In addition to surprise

officer, post, and interesting chowhound breeder, officer, game player, gossip travel division eye-catching decompression. These new jobs are pretty good. "Story King" is provided by Ali flagship store, is working with the author to write Hans Ali Ali story, the graduates directly issued 3001-4000 yuan monthly salary.

according to Taobao University survey data show that many Taobao sellers can give employees wages far higher than traditional enterprises. The average income of the formal staff of the electricity supplier enterprises reached 4445 yuan, to give the interns out of the wages of about 1800-2000 yuan, much higher than the treatment of some traditional enterprises 800-1200 yuan.

despite the interesting work, good treatment, but not young people to enter the electricity supplier industry is still worried.

entered the top 500 companies, to become civil servants, or continue to graduate has become almost now graduates face fixed idea occupation choice. "The choice of electricity supplier industry? It needs to have a desperate courage. The electricity supplier is not online shop? What’s the good? Have you read so many books, how to serve the society? "When Anna decided to do a full-time Amoy girl, her parents intense reaction, but three years later, the parents slowly understand her work.

this is all due to the development of the electricity supplier is too fast, the structure of the electricity supplier companies are also changing the new moon birthday. Even the concept of social employment is too late to change." Ni Liang, head of Taobao university thinks so.

in just ten years after 2003, the earliest Taobao owner nicknamed Avalokitesvara, a shopkeeper, customer service, art, packaged in a variety of positions. The so-called electricity supplier, but also a person’s Taobao shop; the so-called recruitment, but also a single shop customer service.

With the rapid development of e-commerce,

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