Rhyme express do sea Amoy its cross border electronic business platform gifted love line

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Wang Yun) rhyme courier formally entered the import electricity supplier market. Rhyme courier before the announced cross-border e-commerce platform and its delivery of love (UDA) online shopping mall has been officially launched. In the industry view, in recent years the domestic sea Amoy business fast, domestic courier companies also want to share this attractive "big cake". However, in the face of the problem before the rhyme express and sea Amoy counterparts, how to change the habit of gray customs clearance of consumers.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters in an excellent online online shopping mall to see the platform, the current category of sales on the site are maternal and child supplies, beauty care, imported wine, leisure food and personal care five categories. Most of the goods from the United States, South Korea and other regions directly, but some of the goods for domestic shipments to Guangdong and other places. Rhyme relevant responsible person said, the mall is using self mode, there is no business settled, the sales model is divided into B2C mall, flash purchase and buy.

currently more domestic consumers through the transfer of sea Amoy, logistics has become a key link. Consumers not only to face the language barrier, payment inconvenience and other factors, but also bear the risk of delays, and even return. The major domestic courier companies and by the hands of logistics advantage to seize market opportunities. Previously, SF, Shen Tong and other domestic courier chiefs have launched the United States and other transport platform and import electricity supplier website.

above the official said the rhyme, rhyme Amoy Amoy relative to other cross-border e-commerce platform has the advantage. It is understood that the rhyme through independent research and development of GSS (global shipping system) global freight system, scouring the sea and providing two service links organically, in addition to the rhyme in the United States, South Korea, Germany (Europe), has a warehouse or branch. Warehousing and GSS will promote the rhyme of the courier to improve cross-border e-commerce, a single in the end business model.

but the industry admitted that although the courier companies on the sea Amoy business ambitions, but is still in its infancy. Affected by various factors, the current platform is mainly concentrated in maternal and child products, skin care products, food and other categories. In addition, there is no significant speed and price advantage compared with some major cross-border logistics companies. Some consumers also fear on each platform "active declaration" policy in favor of other "grey approach". In addition to customs clearance costs, the timeliness of the sea Amoy electricity supplier has also been criticized. Last year, "black Friday" slow goods distribution, so that consumers Voices of discontent.

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