Double 11 preparing for the scenes visual service providers to enter the busiest time

October 28th news, the magnificent eleven preparations for the stage, the most busy in addition to the seller of Taobao Tmall, as well as its service providers, such as store visual designers. Billion state power network before the contact to Li Xiaolei Hangzhou "night vision electricity supplier sales manager", the other describes the double team in eleven on the eve of unprecedented busy state.

Li Xiaolei told billion state power network, double preheating eleven does not only include stocking and drainage, design aspects of the overall design, merchandise shops in the shooting vision will also directly affect the final sales and user experience.

based on the visual design of the planning team, the preparation of the eleven double almost into the busiest time of the year. Many sellers started from July, and the requirement for efficiency of the higher than usual, the volume of business team and nocturnal workload increased significantly, weekend overtime and night overtime is not uncommon. This busy state will last until mid November. "However, the real double eleven day, we are the most leisure." Li Xiaolei laughed.


eleven pairs of visual design team is also a great test

According to Li Xiaolei

, it is core positioning advertising rather than shop decoration or art design, which is to promote sales, brand visual design based on. At present, the main business of the night people including shop overall planning (including planning, planning and other home page for details), visual improvement (processing based on the original art shops), planning activities (such as double eleven), photography, art etc..

"in the limited space of the shop, the first put what, then put what has a unique logic, the sales also have different effects." Li Xiaolei told billion state power network. Especially in the double eleven period, the design of the night man will have stronger sales orientation, maximize consumer purchase, improve access to depth, the conversion rate of the page is its main target.



for the night man page module planning case

in order to make the vision more effective for sales services, early research is critical. Li Xiaolei revealed that its team in the early eleven 1~2 market research will be conducted, including the situation of customer competition, the customer’s own strengths and weaknesses, and then positioning analysis, do the overall visual planning program.

, however, at present, Taobao, Tmall is willing to "visual design" big investment in the shop is not much. It’s customers are mostly concentrated in a certain scale of the traditional brands, such as Semir sportswear brand, brand, brand Balabala shaver Superman, Wensli silk brand Tmall flagship store, the brand has two big characteristics: 1, brand and visual awareness; 2, willing to spend money.

"A lot of Taobao Tmall

is now at the stage of goods seller also simple, to the brand,"

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