Golden Wangzhuan nine common network promotion methods summary

for a webmaster, the first is to develop a website for web services to determine the service object, understand the way they used to obtain similar services, especially various network channels and give them a written summary report. And then according to their characteristics and the characteristics of our web site to make network marketing strategy, adapt to our service and promotion technology to improve. Then we can move forward in these areas. Finally, our website bigger and stronger. Of course, for all of us, in the promotion process, have what skills lots of things for us to refer to, and will not let us go wrong? I can tell you, the answer is yes! The Sequoia will Wangzhuan from several aspects to focus on the analysis, I hope to help everyone some.

first, the promotion of soft

in the early days of the construction of our website, we have to go through less traffic, the low number of registered process, the main reason is that our website is too low visibility. Not many people know or care about our website. Soft Wen promotion is to us in the most direct way will be the site of the sensory features present in front of the user base, users have solutions on the website, so often to visit our website, finally seek services or purchase products. The promotion of low cost, the effect is very large, is our essential promotion method. Therefore, the soft writing, is our top priority!

in soft writing, we must first against the characteristics of our consumer groups, from entering to determine the types and areas of our soft. Good soft Wen must be of high quality, good content to help users. Such as the use of some of the site’s experience, service experience, etc.. Second, we must have the skills, do not write too much publicity. If you want to promote the best to put them in our experience, let the reader feel that we are inadvertently on our website for some publicity. We must remember that in the article to leave our site’s name and website, so that not only can play a promotional effect can also increase the chain of our site, play a SEO optimization effect.

Optimization of

second and


before introducing SEO optimization, we first look at what is the optimization of SEO. As we all know, the search engine has become the preferred tool for most of the network consumers, mainly because it has greatly reduced the time for consumers to obtain information on products and services. Today, most of the traffic from the search engine search. Now the search engine is known as Google, baidu etc. have their own website ranking mechanism, so we can also like them, in addition to PPC mode, can also be devoted to optimize the website, the search engine has generated more favorable impression on it, this is the SEO optimization.

so how can we do the above? First of all, we must according to the search engine web site on the way to the structure of the site to make adjustments, such as we can mention >

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