2014 China O2O field ten key words

in the midst of chanting transformation, O2O seems to be the online enterprise common straw. But O2O is not a panacea, Nova rise at the same time, it is part of the "Death Road"! The following is China E-Commerce Research Center released in 2014 China O2O ten keywords.

text / Shen Yunyun


[Key words] a "down to earth"

overview: in 2014, 001, love fresh, bee community community worry all financing news is the concept of O2O as one falls, another rises, the wind was hot, the Ding Dong District of Beijing crashed markets such as a basin of cold water poured people. According to the "China life service O2O network (www.100ec.cn/zt/shfwo2o/), Ding Dong District in the subway money advertising it is a good way to get huge traffic, but after burn money the Ding Dong District did not try to keep it brought in, but did not retain, no substantive services to follow up. Eventually away from the local living services farther and farther away.

analyst comment: localization, service, persistence is the key factor of O2O survival, O2O does not have to run down to earth. China Electronic Commerce Research Center Assistant Analyst Shen Yunyun believes that operators need to do online analysis of data on the customer, but also to use the line to push the line. O2O has never been on the tall, not down to earth will only burn, burn is bound to pay how much


[Key words] two lazy economy


overview: "lazy economy" is not a derogatory term, it is the internal demand to promote the development and prosperity of the O2O, can be clearly reflected from various industry segments O2O. According to the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN) monitoring data show that 53% of users on the laundry door off have expressed interest, there is a strong demand for the users reached 20%, the community O2O from housekeeping, laundry, fresh distribution and other comprehensive services in the direction of "lazy" groups. Such as laundry O2O e bag wash, that is, the combination of online and offline O2O model transformation of the laundry industry, its daily single volume has reached 1000 single. Whether it is the mouth of the restaurant meals to O2O or full service travel O2O, is to save "lazy" as the practice of O2O mission.

analyst comment: in the current mobile Internet era, people’s life has actually been kidnapped by a variety of applications and technology, "lazy economy" started from the computer to the intelligent mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminal extension, the new trend in recent years is also presented. From the beginning of the group purchase, such as public comment to the beauty industry, A new force suddenly rises. door-to-door service, such as the beaver, O2O model will undoubtedly seize the user pain points, "lazy" business, earn money "lazy".

[keywords three]

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