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Ali Mama advertising batch purchase plan officially started!!

with tens of thousands of webmaster to join Ali mother in just two weeks time, it attracted the attention of advertisers, as of now there are 320 buyers rush try the network marketing mode, low cost and high quality, and the existing number of sites cannot satisfy advertisers crazy desire to spend promotion, is now widely Ali mother all the factions together to create a win-win space hero. The requirements are as follows:

(2) only to join Ali. Mother tried to make money as long as you experience, reasonable price, our customer service will help you all the way until the completion of the transaction of advertising, let you experience the real money intimate care.
(3). The current advertisers try to experience the product split mode for CPT (packet week price).
defines the reference guide formula: Week price = put the current page independent IP divided by 52

you only need to spend ten minutes to their sale advertising The setting is finished, ready for your Alipay account and wallet, the rest of the mom to help you complete the

please release after the end of advertising, advertising the corresponding links (for example: Adzoneid=114323) to inform us of any of the following ways, so that we can arrange audit and purchase.

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