Urgent transformation of the pharmaceutical industry electricity supplier electricity providers wil

"is the end of mathematical physics, mathematics is the end of philosophy, philosophy and theology is the end of" science fiction "super body", I was attracted to this sentence, the author in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 8 years, now also join the pharmaceutical business for 5 years, summed up, is the beginning of the sentence. The pharmaceutical industry is known as one of the most traditional industries, but in the past nearly 10 years, has experienced a transformation from physics to theology.

this transformation continues, the market signals tell us that change in the next 3 years will become increasingly intense, even fierce. Every upgrade of the industry, accompanied by a huge pain, this time is no exception. And to ramble under those years, strong medicine have experienced growing pains, and are experiencing transformation.

With the new version of the GSP

("drug quality management standards") the implementation of the new policy on the Internet and drug transaction services gate, Jingdong, Ali have listed the news again and again to refresh our line of sight, countless pairs of eyes on the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, this last piece of virgin land business. Today, we are talking about medicine B2B.

traditional medicine industry experienced several major changes

Chinese planned economy to a market economy, the market competition to control distribution of change (last century 80s)

The development of

drugs almost the same as the era of the planned economy, grain and oil supply of household appliances, due to the category scarce, lack of capacity in the early years of the Republic, is also the control principle of distribution, by local pharmaceutical companies, unified supply, then the money can not buy medicine, select the face is rarely. Then the market economy after the reform, the country gradually opened up the field of competition in the market, to borrow in the market, the expansion of supply, but also eliminate the planned economy era of industrial development constraints, so that the entire pharmaceutical market gradually rich and colorful.

root GSP implementation of management information system reform (the last century 90s)

pharmaceutical industry in the market has experienced extensive economic growth after savage, a large number of manufacturers, private pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and clinics have sprung up, largely solve the old people use less medication difficult problems, but also the breeding ground for many grey areas, from the factory to the medicine company, and then to the retail terminal (including pharmacy and the hospital) are not secret. The urgent need for standardization of the entire market, the quality and safety of drugs has become the main contradiction, so the country once again strong shot intervention and governance, gave birth to the regulation of GSP, and the corresponding means of information regulation.

Chinese medicine supply chain transformation of the Internet (after 2010)

this change, not from the government, from the market. There is a saying that a large number of traditional companies rely on eating poor information, which is particularly evident in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers of ex factory price and consumers buy the price, say staggering, are derived from the drug circulation channel complex, layers increases. The emergence of e-commerce, the most intuitive solution to the information gap

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