The traditional industry to net where is the harbor

September, Baidu launched the direct number WeChat challenge public number. In October 360, also laicourenao, a high-profile launch of "through", put a direct assault on Baidu and Tencent. Undoubtedly, Internet cafes have spared no effort to win the next line of business and to start a race.

The traditional

industry business also because the Internet has invaded and the crisis of survival, so when the Internet can provide a broad road when, how to according to their own situation in the OCS from product operation to the business model is new and innovative, it is particularly important to the practical benefits.

traditional industry Internet anxiety

Stampede in

Internet companies, the Internet and the traditional enterprise urgent mentality line transformation of each other. According to the information provided by Baidu, released direct number after one hour, Baidu provided 10000 invitation code was finished. Today, the company has joined the micro signal businesses are constantly expanding, stationed in Taobao and Tmall mall businesses are not a minority. So many net pattern did not bring more benefits to businesses, which makes many traditional industries have the "Internet anxiety", on one hand they have to make the transition to change, but on the other hand, takes time and effort to maintain the Internet marketing model did not achieve the desired results, which does not let the traditional what kind of Internet industry thinking, enterprise development mode suitable for only


net model a variety of

WeChat electricity supplier:


was in high spirits, even more is the mask marketing that occupies half of the sky, also cannot repel other industries swarmed into the trend, but according to the survey shows that the total sales of enterprises and is not optimistic. The problem lies in the attitude of Tencent is not friendly to micro providers, in addition to giving a free public number, there is no more to bring benefits to the enterprise services. Not only that, occasionally raided a Tencent title, this attitude is really neither painful nor itching confusing. Secondly, we can only see the contents of the words in the circle of friends, if it is advertising, most people will resolutely ignored, at the same time also greatly reduced the good user experience, perhaps those who can really meet the needs of users of goods and services in such cases is ignored.

but you see, there are still a lot of friends in the business and personal business done fast. In the circle of friends to capture the hearts and minds of the majority of personal charm girl Xiahe is typical, and every year he self cosmetics revenue over ten million. If you and your values are attractive enough to attract people to stop and wait, why don’t we try your product?

micro business is a marketing model can not be used, after all, it is quite fire, since there are always some benefits can map, you can always try. But do not put too much investment in it, just put it in the daily marketing model can be. Second, do not rush to promotion, why don’t I first establish user impression, establish smooth user experience.

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