E commerce outsourcing services to help traditional enterprise e commerce

accompanied by capital blitz, e-commerce continues to accumulate after more than ten years, finally ushered in the outbreak. The traditional retailers, brands and other related businesses the opportunity to have a big influx of traditional retailers, brands, logistics companies, third party payment and other downstream related enterprises also took the opportunity to have a big influx of. In many small and medium enterprises through e-commerce to a higher level at the same time, more and more enterprises in the game with the e-commerce scarred.

e-commerce is booming, traditional companies such as Lining, Haier and other traditional retailers, such as Gome, Suning, have been involved in e-commerce, the traditional small and medium-sized enterprises join the field of electronic commerce is too many to count, "shock" seems to be the home of further development of traditional enterprises.

choose how to enter the field of e-commerce, different companies have different choices. For the strength of the enterprise, self built e-commerce system is the best choice for the strength of the small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not the case.

e-commerce expert analysis, from the current form of e-commerce competition, after a few years to test the water and the market to cultivate the business, e-commerce has gradually increased the threshold. With more pessimistic words to describe, is more and more complex e-commerce.

this is an inevitable phenomenon in the development of e-commerce. Early e-commerce, because wine is not afraid of deep alley natural advantages, do a good job in a link, you can hit the ground running; today’s e-commerce has formed a system, besides its excellent products, but also need to understand the network marketing.

is precisely because e-commerce tends to be complex, it has caused the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce is self-employed or outsourcing discussion.

in fact, independent management better, the so-called yourself have ample food and clothing. However, the knowledge of e-commerce related technology is very little, even if ignoring this factor, companies can recruit talented people in the relevant areas, there will be a considerable portion of the cost of spending.

so, e-commerce outsourcing is naturally on the choice of? E-commerce outsourcing can to some extent alleviate the dream of e-commerce e-commerce talent crisis leads to many traditional small and medium sized enterprises. However, in the context of the existence of a crisis of confidence in the network, how many companies are assured that such an important thing to other companies to do.

in the final analysis, independent and outsourcing dispute, that is, the cost and the trust of the dispute. At this time, the three options in the face of small and medium enterprises, or choose autonomy, or choose to outsource, or choose to give up. If you carefully analyze, give up should be an answer to the most stupid; independent high safety factor, but the cost should not be low; outsourcing risks exist, but are often able to surprise.

The trick is to choose a

outsourcing, choose a professional and trustworthy e-commerce service providers. However, at present, China’s e-commerce outsourcing market is not very mature, it is recommended that a number of e-commerce outsourcing service providers,

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