Business competition Su Ningyun’s double pass through fusion

Author Fang Lu

"double fusion" is Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Suning") in 2013 a quarterly emphasize, the actual is an important part of the layout. The current electricity supplier general level of profitability is not optimistic, the overall economic situation is loses, in this situation, Suning to integration of challenging complete line of business. A quarterly show, its online business tax revenue of 4 billion 499 million yuan, an increase of 134%, net profit was reduced by over the same period last year, 49.19%.

Suning net profit fell down to the line, caused by the rapid growth of business brings gross changes in interest rates, sales expenses and additional costs increase, the next step will be to achieve the "fusion line, increase the application of Internet technology, the Internet stores".

net profit decline is not Suning exclusive. According to the research data show that the first quarter of 2013 China online shopping market transactions amounted to 352 billion 80 million yuan, compared with the 2012 quarter decreased by 17.1%, while compared with the same period in 2012 increased by 36.6%, growth slowed; a quarter of online shopping in the total social retail accounted for 6.3%.

multi means force double fusion

in May this year, Suning will open in Lhasa, which marks the Suning in the mainland to set up shop in Shouguan China. Although the economy is not very developed in Lhasa, the geographical position is relatively remote, Suning has given a high degree of attention. "We are sure to engage in e-commerce in Lhasa, Lhasa is the only place that has not been stationed for so many years, is our wish." In May 13th, the person in charge of brand market management center Department of anonymity told this reporter.

Suning online business to do so in Lhasa, but Suning force double fusion of a microcosm.

"double fusion stage need to promote, may not see much effect within a period of time, but over time, will find that we have really done a lot of things, including the" double "unified procurement, online consumers enjoy line service, these are now included in the national promotion has things in the future." Suning insiders said above.

open platform strategy, improve the brand SKU richness, optimization of logistics and financial data platform, and accelerate the adjustment and upgrade of the store, increase the intensity of closure of a nationwide and ineffective community shop and do not meet the criteria of county and town shop, build online price, through unified procurement, operations, online and offline comprehensive these are shared, Suning’s March map. Some analysts pointed out that Suning launched the price strategy of online and offline, will make the second half of this year the line revenue growth is expected to exceed 30%, and promote the growth of income line stores.

May 13th, wholesale and retail trade, Hongyuan securities analyst Chen Xuanru told reporters that, Suning in low price. Suning also want to play low-priced brands, including doing free open >

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