The two major electricity providers have recently issued a financial report to catch up with the pac

last week, China’s two largest electricity supplier Jingdong and Alibaba announced their respective natural quarterly earnings in the year second.

data show that in the 4-6 months of this year, Alibaba transactions amounted to 837 billion yuan, of which Tmall accounted for $329 billion, an increase of 33%.

Jingdong did not achieve the same amount of transactions Tmall high, but higher. After the removal of virtual goods, Jingdong’s total transaction reached 157 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 52%.


transaction data from the point of view, Jingdong is narrowing the gap between Tmall. In the first quarter of last year, Jingdong turnover is about 1/3 of Tmall. To the second quarter of this year, Jingdong trading volume is close to half of Tmall’s trading volume.

as a latecomer to the electricity supplier business, Jingdong if you want to catch up with Tmall, which is now trading volume growth rate is not fast enough. One of the strategies of the Jingdong is to continue to burn.

electricity supplier in China, Jingdong and Alibaba is a pair of Tmall’s most important competitors, the two sides are B2C electricity supplier (ie, business to consumer), there is no personal seller on the platform.

two platform are self-employed and third party sellers, but both sides rely more on which a piece of business, the resulting sales turnover does not distinguish between self or the third party, so the comparison between these results, trading volume is a key index.

Jingdong has a huge own logistics system, the construction, leasing warehouse, please courier three waves per day delivery. The Jingdong’s overall customer service experience is better than Tmall, import of goods quality problems encountered when the Jingdong’s return is more efficient than Tmall.

in addition to maintaining its own investment in logistics, Jingdong also bought shop 1, WAL-MART cooperation with the Sam store opened to the Jingdong, signed a high-end supplier of fresh vegetables suppliers do business. Through the acquisition of other companies, Jingdong has made itself a more comprehensive online electricity supplier.


August, Jingdong signed a cooperation agreement with the Cheonan farm. This is part of the finished product packaging Cheonan farm, above the "traceability" two-dimensional code. Picture: curiosity daily.

cooperation between Tencent and Jingdong transactions and the number of users to bring no small growth. Jingdong put more advertising in Tencent and WeChat, the latter for the Jingdong to bring more advertising revenue and trading volume.

in the two quarter earnings conference last week, Jingdong CFO Huang Xuande talked about WeChat and QQ to bring a lot of new Jingdong users. Jingdong now has 79.3% orders from mobile phones and tablet, compared with the same period last year rose by 130%.


users open every day 6.9, second, third is the mobile phone QQ and Iqiyi. Dan Dan

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