Ali Jingdong after vip com mogujie com electric second camp leader babe network

comprehensive business achievements of the super giant Ali, male and 3C achievements of Jingdong — who will become the Chinese electricity supplier second camp come now? The day before Questmobile released as of May this year, the 2016 China Mobile Electric Research Report, suggested that the answer to this question.

according to the report, from the observation of user scale, the growth rate of multiple dimensions of data, you can clearly see the new pattern of China providers: Amoy to the absolute advantage champion, followed by rolling Jingdong, the first camp two super Empire platform is difficult to shake, but it is worth noting that the electricity supplier in the world in the second camp is to accelerate the differentiation, after, beyond the United States to become the second, but also adding tens of millions of A new force suddenly rises. babe network providers entrance second camp.

first, the data in the industry: Mobile electricity supplier industry still maintained a high growth of

industry data released by QuestMobile, mobile shopping App users still maintain a high year-on-year growth of more than 35%, which means that in the same period, compared with the decline curve of the national key large-scale retail enterprises hundreds of retail sales, retail consumption China from line to line the migration process continues, the electricity supplier is still Chinese consumption growth engine the mobile shopping is to maintain a higher growth rate, the consumer is still "spring breeze blowing tuyere".


At the same time, the high growth of

industry giants have also boosted the growth of the industry, accelerate the industry upgrade shake.

Ali jointly Suning, 300 trillion large power Chinese consumer market ambitions, the future market to draw "giant cake", jointly announced the partners to open user resources and flow of resources, data resources, and form a "King" brand giant, launched around the brand "trillion made plans".

remove the Tmall "double 11" Jingdong, 618 birthday had not only spoil their Carnival power, now the war spread, the year-end promotion is becoming the new electricity supplier carnival. Back to see 618 in 2015, the electricity supplier in the year of the war ushered in the climax, the United States and the United States, Jingdong and other mainstream electricity providers have slashed prices, causing consumers rush to buy. 19, the major electricity supplier platform have been drying out transcripts, which compared the Jingdong orders for the same period last year by 100%, Gome online 618 day orders surged 486%, become the mainstream business in the mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 60% of the first platform. It is obvious that the cat and dog war has been the end of a separate confrontation, multi force to become a catalyst for the development of electricity supplier.

two, the secret of the data: women will support China’s electricity supplier cAMP second

mobile electricity supplier industry situation is excellent, if carefully observed QueseMobile data, will clearly see that women are becoming the biggest driving force of the era of mobile shopping patterns remodeling.

relies on several vertical electricity providers of female users play >

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