Dialogue deep Yu Mei net goods brand founder Zhu Jianxia dare to take credit and you bet

Zhu Jianxia, graduated from Nanjing University majoring in polymer, the Shenzhen women’s chess tournament second, one of the ten Shenzhen scholarly family, has appeared on Shenzhen TV, Dongguan TV, talking about parenting experience, "how to make a speech at Shenzhen University charm, happy woman", warmly welcomed by the teachers and students, the Taobao ID: deep jade sister, three online shop owner with crown reputation.

cold Xiao interview: taobao.com users Hello, here taobao.com official Consumer Protection Alliance dialogue column "Gang cold flute interview", this time we invited guests is one of the most outstanding network Taobao Taobao three we crown the credibility of the seller, "deep Yu Mei" brand founder Zhu Jianxia Zhu Jianxia and friends please. They say hello


Zhu Jianxia: Hello, I am "deep Yu Mei" brand founder Zhu Jianxia, from Shenzhen city.

cold Xiao interview: every day I go to Taobao, millions of shops, each shop basically has a very personal name. "Deep Yu Mei" this word sounds like a net, in fact, she is a net goods brand you now, please introduce your "deep Yu Mei" is how to.

Zhu Jianxia: my husband and I in a laboratory at Shenzhen University, after years of painstaking research, developed a acne India products, and giving the product a beautiful name: deep Yu Mei, at first glance, most people will say that this name is not loud, we focus on the essence of the product, after years of hard work, has helped tens of thousands of young friends get rid of acne trouble, now the network is still popular with the words: "I don’t see the name of soil, I take credit and you bet!" Oh

: I recently have been cold flute interview interview independent brand big sellers, just want to ask you what is the first to create a "deep Yu Mei" of the original brand, please briefly introduce to us thank you.

Zhu Jianxia: when it comes to this, please allow me to insert a small story: one day, I met a face Zhangdou woman on the streets of Shenzhen, is about how to keep up with her acne, she heard a few very friendly and said: "why should I believe you?" I think then it is also a waste of breath, turned to leave, do not believe is her right, I’m sorry for her, she may continue to bother even acne pox, the future may be removed, because of too long and leave pock, find a job, find a boyfriend may be affected. This reminds me of my life, because some people may have missed a good marriage, a lifetime can not find suitable, like learning and work opportunities, seize some people, some people have missed……

I know

acne acne psychological impact on young people have much; I hope that their research can help more children, money is always secondary, I think this is my most fundamental idea.

cold Xiao interview: I know you now is not only a Taobao store manager, is a university teacher. We share with you is how to reach this e-commerce >

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