The scale of online shopping increased by 60% in the next year or approaching the top 100 chain tie

chain hundred 2011 sales of 1 trillion and 650 billion yuan, while the online shopping users last year amounted to 784 billion 900 million yuan, the former is close to 48%. Comic: Chen Ting


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China Chain Management Association released 2011 days ago China chain hundred ranking. Different from the past, this year’s statistical caliber has improved, the accuracy of the data is also more stringent requirements." China Franchise Association Guo Geping told reporters that this year the number of top 100 chain in statistics, the listed company tax calculated according to different caliber, and the annual data of listed companies, unlisted part; according to the requirements of business spin off sales and the number of stores; enterprise internal distribution business not to repeat the calculation; franchise sales overall sales of more than 50%. Not ranked in the "top 100 chain".

"mainly removed some of the previous sales statistics, as well as the retail business is not related to the main sales data. For example, the distribution of their own distribution centers to store sales. There are group of wholesale market, a number of production sales data." Guo Geping interpretation. It is reported that in 2011 after the dehydration of the chain hundred sales scale of 1 trillion and 650 billion, lower than in 2010, not dehydration of $1 trillion and 660 billion.

online shopping scale at the end of 2013 or 100

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data, the chain hundred ranking has also changed accordingly. In 2011 the list of top 100 chain by Suning Appliance (micro-blog) became the last year ranked third in the Bailian Group, 2011 sales of 118 billion 200 million yuan, while Suning and Gome (micro-blog) had sales of 110 billion yuan to runners up.

in addition to the top three, top ten enterprises were Huarun vanguard, RT mart, Chongqing trading company, Carrefour, yum, WAL-MART and wumart. Ranked tenth in the supermarket sales of $41 billion 70 million last year.

began in 2010, the biggest difficulty faced by the top 100 enterprises is to improve operating costs, including rental costs and labor costs. Statistics show that in 2010, the average price of chain lease contract rose about 30%. Rising labor costs are a direct manifestation of the increase in wages and benefits. Sampling statistics show that in 2010, the average labor costs rose 15%.2011 years, this trend continues.

affected by this, the retail price of a downward trend. According to the China Association of statistics, last year, the department store customer price of 385 yuan, hypermarkets $78, supermarket 62 yuan, convenience stores for $16.4. If the ‘dehydration version’ of the data is closer to the real, then it can be seen that online shopping for physical retail competition is further increased." Huang Huajun, President of the first commercial network, said that in 2011 the sales of the chain hundred

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