Gome online mall integration of Kuba and achieve uniform distribution and customer service


technology news May 25th afternoon news, Gome (micro-blog) announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today, entered into a subscription agreement with the United States Department of the sea Yuedong, Gome sharp move will expand the new beauty and Kuba subscription after 40% equity interest, the subscription price of HK $90 million.

May 23rd, Gome and coo8 (micro-blog) signed a contract to purchase the remaining 20% stake in 12 million yuan. Previously, the United States has 80% of the rights and interests of kuba. After the completion of the acquisition, the United States take control of kuba.

‘s reputation, with global and national retail industry trends, the group in recent years has been through the development of e-commerce to expand its sales channels. The United States believes that the development of e-commerce business and other non-traditional business model is of great importance.

after the completion of the subscription, and the United States will Huihai respectively hold 60% and 40% of the United States and Kuba new interests, its business platform will share resources to Gome sharp move, and new beauty supply Kuba related products, including goods and services and customer service to provide logistics and warehousing services.


announcement shows that at the end of last year, the United States and new Kuba cumulative loss of 390 million yuan.

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