No need to chop hands Hao Li 51 so many concessions to you

Hao Li 51 Carnival

for businesses, may day is an annual hot, at this time to fight the product, fight promotion, spell operation, fight strength…… As for ordinary people, May Day holiday is such a simple thing. Some people travel, there are huge crowds of people fear; seize the time and date, also some people prefer to be single also don’t want to settle. Fortunately, we have the TV so that we can run into a unified story, regardless of winter and spring.

to let you go shopping when 51 to buy a quarter of Chaopin, Hao Li mall launched a special Super preferential activities of their own, with explosive goods straight down and seckill, membership and other activities on cheap goods.


, tolerance is

65 inches large screen

cinema level shocking visual experience

intelligent TV processing system

strong eight core heart

digital audio system

65S88 with the most cost-effective products is known, the 51 activities and straight down 200, unparalleled price, Internet video content over the whole, let you even in the holiday homes will not regret missed beauty.



BukexiaoquYou will hear a

seckill enthusiasms will still think luck is not enough to give up anyway? How small to try, if the second to the tablet computer? The Hao Li 8.9 inch products seckill a, compared to 65S88, the screen is too small, but it is not inherent underestimated.


quad core strength

Android 4.4 operating system

exclusive optimized browser operating system

up to 250 hours of standby time


, double

profile propertyFor

members Hao Li who 51 2016 is a stunning carnival, in addition to enjoy the shopping mall and explosive goods straight down seckill, there are many special offer products for you to choose the members area, not only have up to 600 yuan, profit margin, and stunning beauty decorate your life.


the Hao Li fifty-one Carnival has made concessions in the range of marketing staff love to want to cry, two Hao Li 21 years of experience in manufacturing the display terminal is enough to ensure that it is completely lost to the first big quality, such as Jun can rest assured purchase, if >

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