The idea that the SEO service is not promising has long been

the previous stage of speculation fiery "dove egg" domain name ( has gradually subsided, the reporter saw, although the domain name is very good, but the site is very general, only to build up a regular blog, mystifying.


egg" is indeed a good name, people also "sejie" gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, because of the hot, causing dove diamond on the egg stir, domain name was registered after the transfer of high, it should be said that if the use of the good domain name to do a jewelry website is no longer suitable enough. However, the buyer is such intention, but their hearts without the power! Just set up a simple website inside, although there are some diamond jewelry and other aspects of the information, but less. Enrich the content of the site is more information about some entertainment gossip.

the reporter contacted the owner of the site, according to the station, "dove egg ring" website ( now is not very molding, the name of the web site is fixed, they are actively preparing for the new site, I believe that in the near future, there will be a dedicated a new content rich website for everyone. Because of the recent visit to the site, the number of people, so they simply put the first such a page, the purpose is to let the people of all countries, to prepare for future visits.

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