Electricity providers together to carry the threshold of the low value of the package difficult to r

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Du Meng

Jingdong Silver members of the postal threshold from 59 yuan to raise up to $79, in vip.com bought a $109 or more things to pay $10 shipping." Recently, a lot of online shopping Master to reporters, said some "quiet" business platform to improve full shipping threshold. Reporters learned that the two electricity supplier website is not an example, with the electricity supplier to improve their respective market layout, low volume of free lunch is coming to an end.

price war burn postage

in the package post threshold generally improve, but also the opposite of the website. In the face of a small consumer demand free shipping, postage concessions or will become a new way of business platform competition.

Gome online side said that in its 418 shopping big lie anniversary activities, zero threshold package will become an important selling point, the old members of the purchase of goods do not own self exempt threshold. 1 shop also said that the free shipping standards will be reduced to 58 yuan in the province of 11. Relevant responsible person said, although the standard free shipping only dropped 1 yuan, but this is actually going through the warehouse operations, category matrix sorting, reduce inventory turnover days, large order processing, paperless and a series of projects to achieve supply chain innovation.

yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of online shopping up to understand that the majority of the electricity supplier website Qi improve mail threshold, does affect the Department of consumer orders. "Usually buy some shampoo, towel, biscuits and other daily necessities on the Internet, spend fifty or sixty yuan to feel expensive. Now to raise to 79 yuan before the package, immediately feel too expensive, it is better to go to the supermarket, how much to buy casual." Miss Wei told reporters.

this, the electricity business community believes that very low free shipping threshold can not exist for a long time. Compared with the huge cost of self built logistics, delivery fee is 5 yuan per unit has been taken if an utterly inadequate measure, "peibenzhuanyaohe" burn, healthy business model is clearly not sustainable development.

at present, many electronic business platform are in force self built logistics system. With the electronic business platform for their own market positioning of the subdivision, the viscosity of the user platform has gradually increased, the appropriate increase in the postal standard will not be large-scale loss of customers, but also to subsidize the cost of logistics and transport.

Jingdong mall free mail standard overall increase of 20 yuan

electronic business platform full of 39 yuan on the package of good times gone, yesterday, the reporter has logged on a number of sites, one by one to verify the standard package.

Jingdong Mall:

gold member, silver member, ordinary member consumption needs the full 79 yuan free shipping, Diamond Membership spending 59 yuan free postage, did not reach the threshold of 5 yuan charge free postage postage. Compared to the ordinary members of the previous 59 yuan can be mailed, the overall increase in the overall price of $20.


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