Amazon to sell fake brand to pay 1500 money to buy a knife

news August 30th, learned billion state power network, Nike, Adidas, HASBRO and other brands on Amazon sellers need to pay, not refundable deposit, non return of the cost of each brand most disposable to pay 1500 $.

The American media

CNBC reported that Amazon’s fake problem is too serious, it is to intensify the management of the non authorized sellers, last week began this called " brand gating" new regulations, involving a very wide range.

but, so far, Amazon has not been publicly involved in product or brand list, according to the CNBC information, Adidas and Nike, asics shoe seller has been told to pay $1500; in addition, according to HASBRO, Lego, Pokemon, product or brand, Amazon charges from 1000 to 1500 dollars.

"we want consumers to be able to buy on Amazon safely. For some products and categories, Amazon’s performance checks, qualification requirements and the cost of some of the standards. An Amazon spokesman replied in the mail.

in response to this incident, Nike spokesman replied in the message, the company does not sell on Amazon, nor allow authorized dealers to do so." But did not disclose when the policy came into effect.

billion state power network to understand, to really fake Amazon international brand has brought no small trouble. Just last month, the famous German sandal brand Birkenstock announced that it will stop selling on Amazon from January 1, 2017, including the brand itself and dealers. "In this way, we leave Amazon’s third party market to those who sell fake goods, and they have no relationship with us."

At the beginning of the July

billion state power network from China that Amazon, Amazon is "optimize" the seller and product launch process, this will delay the audit time, will also increase the audit efforts. In fact, the export big sellers in Shenzhen city Stone lattice Co., founder and CEO Li Cong pointed out that to billion state power network, this adjustment is mainly due to the past account too easy to apply, resulting in part of the seller does not comply with the rules of the Amazon, for example, false and malicious infringement goods to sell.

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