Do you pay attention to your potential buyer as a seller

unavoidably, but there is so a word: details determine success or failure. As a Taobao seller, Taobao in the global day, hard for every single business and work hard, from baby to every link of customer service will strive to do better, want to give users a good store image, improve the conversion rate of the actual problem shop.

in fact, sometimes, always busy in a complete mess, of course, as Taobao people, we need to be able to endure loneliness. But people always want to feed their families, so there is no business is absolutely not, as such, our small sellers eager to open on the face in the baby rankings, especially in the upcoming festival day before, through the purchase of click way to try to store potential users, most of the time, is often "looking to buy less, the effect is not ideal.

what it means that we can accurately find the target users? Although it may have a lot of master has already mastered, or as a small seller I decided to also is the new sellers share a small way, so that we can easily find the target, to achieve a multiplier effect.

we take the perspective of consumers on a shopping process, who all know, women for shopping crazy keen and many men are unable to understand, for example, a woman can for a dress style, color, size and locker room 10 not to mind taking the trouble several times, in order to cover a nail polish gestures unscrew the trial installed on the fragrance for a long time, for a pair of shoes comfort told the clerk to the warehouse to take the goods back and forth, and then with men can not understand meet just bought a piece of merchandise, this is a woman shopping crazy.

as an online shop, is to let the woman shopping frenzy to the pole, women to a cute little vest, repeatedly looking at the Taobao store, Taobao pictures gave women a great convenience, so that they can from the commodity color and style etc. are critical choice and do not need to be the salesman urged and supervision, which makes shopping more comfortable. The so-called shopping goods than three, in reality, is on foot to find back to the shop, on the Internet? Right here, this is what I want to say "favorites".

around so much, leads to "Favorites" that is the "Favorites" is quite concerned about the value of the statistics, in September data, in most of the transaction records, although most of the people are the direct purchase orders, but there are still 10% of users to complete the transaction process the first to buy the way of.

It is

and this collection of goods 10% users, allows us to more accurately find our target user, if you can overcome all this potential 10%, giving users the intimate service and was of inestimable value. In my experience, take the initiative to try to get a swing user, you will find that these users are not low loyalty.

of course, be sure to remember that for such a collection of users,

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