The United States of Zhuhai Customs seized smuggled cosmetics to respond to rumors

[Abstract] listed on NASDAQ in the United States has several times in the vortex of public opinion, and short encounter.


Caixin [

] (reporter Qu Yunxu) suffered short and collective action in the overseas suffered another former employee claimed. January 5th afternoon, the new financial reporter broke the news received from two mailbox mail, an unnamed, claiming to be forced severance former employees report smuggling, warehouse was closed, in charge of arrest or flight, supply chain fakes and other serious problems. In January 6th, in the letter sent hundreds of media mail "broke the letter" to make a statement, completely denied all the charges.

this letter to the "major" poly America suspected of buying fake broke the warehouse was checked, "mail respectively from [email protected] and [email protected] two email addresses to the new financial reporter mailbox.

The sender

claiming to be an employee the United States overseas business, because the company suspected of overseas purchasing cosmetics checked unknown, leading to the overseas business department was canceled, which led to its being split, facing pay cuts and automatic resignation Department turn demoted without compensation two options, the staff decided to bid the company.

e-mail said, September 2014, Zhuhai customs found supplier 20 million smuggling cosmetics. Single supply and logistics information by tracing the customs found most of the smuggling goods into the company’s warehouse. Since then, the United States is located in the warehouse in Beijing was seized, customs and police headquarters to arrest people, director of overseas business vice president Ye Fei early know the news first run away so Sunxing, director and 2 staff were responsible for the business office at the same time away, data and computer have been taken away. has been blocked the foreign news, but because Beijing warehouse was closed, so I had not informed in case of a temporary opening of the new supplier warehouse.

reported that executives through lobbying around public relations, was put away staff a few days later. And Ye Fei also returned to the country: he is said to be the first to go to Southeast Asia and went to the United States, I heard nothing to go back to china."

for this letter point to clear and specific events, broke the news letter name. Vice president of Ye Fei and CEO Chen Ou in succession January 6th foreign rumor.

in the first formal letter said in a statement: "the news shocked at the folly of fabrication." The company said that at the same time a different version of the three broke the news sent to a professional reporter: lamented the former employees’ strong professional ability." said: "the company strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations have legitimate business, our business in normal development, has never been any external interference factors. This is not responsible for the deliberate attack rumors, will not affect us." At the same time

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