Electricity supplier gangster the industry will continue to collapse the original pricing system in

, including industry heavyweights, including all people say cold, the challenges of winter is probably true. Last weekend, the electricity supplier industry will be sent on behalf of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong, Eslite mall CEO (micro-blog) CEO (micro-blog) old electricity supplier chiefs have warning, remind the electricity supplier industry of winter has come, the whole industry will face price war, profit ability, difference competition strategy and a series of tests. The vertical channel electricity supplier viability, scale and profit conversion may be a series of industry propositions are considered or will have a subversive answer.

winter approaching

despite the "tomato door" conditioning atmosphere, but Liu Qiangdong overall tone is not easy to speak. As the first speaker of the annual meeting of the electricity business, he said at the beginning, the electricity supplier industry has suffered another winter after 2008.

cold since the beginning of last year. After the end of 2010 electricity supplier listing boom, also appeared in early 2011 to participate in the acquisition of industrial capital, investment electricity supplier boom. But the two quarter of last year, the electricity supplier investment has been the first rapid cooling. In the second half of last year after a series of electricity supplier failures. In the meantime, more well-known B2C founder shouted "scam on the electricity supplier".

Liu Qiangdong said, this winter cycle will far longer than that in 2008, I hope each peer can prepare 3~5 winter preparations, and suggest that "don’t take chances, that winter in the past after there will be a lot of people (investors) to give money".

Chen also said that from the second half of last year, Chinese electric business of the original valuation pricing system has been crashing in a very short period of time will not collapse, the capital of the business enterprise.

"the new system has not yet appeared. This also allows electricity supplier companies at a loss." Chen said. Until the second half of last year, age also insisted that no commercial electric bubble, but now he said there is a bubble.

bubble is that, although there is growth in the industry, everyone is busy play bickering, discredit each other everywhere, "bluffing" false performance of the phenomenon, and the extensive price war without any technical content, but the war was sometimes more dirty." Chen said.

this may be due to the collapse of the old pricing system after the collapse, while the other side is the deterioration of the living environment forced.

Dai Chengqi, deputy general manager of

Tonlion electricity supplier told the first financial daily (micro-blog), this year, their online sales for the first time below the expected growth rate of the phenomenon is expected to grow at 80%~85%. The comparison is that since 2008, since the independent operation, Tonlion’s electricity supplier business sales has maintained an annual growth rate of 100%~200%.

carefully examine

Vintage believes that the emergence of electronic business bubble is due to the objective pressure business enterprise face is far greater than the subjective desire. Under intense competition, old >

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