Electricity providers in the silence of the site 11 11 can not be an outbreak of strength

electricity supplier suddenly become quiet, perhaps a lot of people can be seen in the National Day period of several major electricity supplier network chose silence, they are still waiting for the power savings, these are not us, but I think the website now is not the lack of physical strength, which is the spirit of power, the electricity supplier website if you want to be in the 11 11 out unmatched power then needs to improve its service".

in the face of increasing consumer product quality crisis, crisis, crisis of goods and services, more and more electricity supplier website without the trust of users, buyers and sellers in Taobao fighting each other seems to have become a homely food thing, I also opened a Taobao store, now is facing a refund dispute I want to say, but I was not wrong, is the buyers in the buyers are finding fault, may think he is not wrong, this is a contradiction. Perhaps the electricity supplier website is worried about these contradiction and chose to remain silent, but silence is not always the way to a huge burst of power transfer or to resolve conflicts, the only way of website of business power will be more and more abundant, so how to transfer

to resolve conflicts?

first website to make self-examination, and this kind of self-examination to open, let the majority of users are aware of you in self-examination, check their website supply channels, check their website customer service attitude, check their website customer service service, this way is not only self check, but to really found the problem, now the market the website has more or less defects, if you say to the user in the self-examination after the website does not have any problems, ask the user will be satisfied with it? No matter what kind of website will be published in question and then announced the solution after self-examination, now, this is the only way to be able to attract and retain old customers new users.

second electricity supplier website to "sincere", shortly before the Jingdong and Suning the battlefield makes me feel surprise, I am also an ordinary people, I think this business war must also be able to let me get some bargains, know where this on the surface of the propaganda benefits but no implementation, I remember when the mobile phone is selling 1699 in said prices more expensive, my heart was in the blood, said this is a little light on the user’s lie, say a bit serious it is cheating. I think now the electricity market is the lack of a sincere, a true user’s feelings, which allows users to take what to support the website, to silence in the website, I want to tell you: if you want to break out huge power, then you must learn to treat users.

finally learn to website user as God, users come to your website customer service is not ignored, it will cause great harm to the heart of the user, in fact, as an ordinary user, our request is not high, only hope that when the customer can answer questions quickly, the speed of delivery to a little faster, a little price to affordable, perhaps electricity supplier website bosses saw these requirements will think I am greedy, I >

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