Cross border electricity supplier get together to settle your goods

since April 21st, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian 3 FTA test area has been listed for more than two months. The concept and the news of the FTA, it is exactly what our relationship with the consumer relationship? The most intuitive, is a policy to allow the import commodity to fly into the homes of ordinary people, consumers have more and more channels, can use more and more affordable price to buy imported goods.

status: cross-border electricity supplier get together Guangzhou

After the FTA policy

down, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou. In January this year, Guangzhou’s first cross-border electricity supplier first experience store opened in High German land, caused a hot debate. Nansha, the city department store also quickly followed up, opened a pilot cross-border electricity supplier cooperation by different suppliers. Not long ago, according to statistics, Gui Shouping, vice president of South China University of Technology professor of economics and trade, showed that 70% of the country’s cross-border electricity supplier in Guangdong, 50% of the cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou, but Guangzhou is the lack of business platform, most of the electricity supplier platform in East china.

in May 1st this year, the Guangdong free trade zone of Nansha area, the first cross-border direct purchase of goods — Nansha experience center Fengxinzi cross-border direct purchase of goods experience center (a) test industry, business area of more than 10 thousand square meters, there are 30 independent appliance manufacturers to enter the business, goods shelves up to million, covering fresh food, baby products, ice and health care products, cosmetics, daily chemical products, electrical appliances, digital products, bags, bags and other imported goods and goods cross-border payment.

as a new format to increase the experience, Guangzhou department store industry quickly layout cross-border electricity supplier. Anbai Hui cross-border electricity supplier shop experience and Grandbuy supermarkets together, store size and general community supermarket to buy similar goods convenient cross-border spot. Experience store opened in respectively under the Grandbuy gold jewelry building, Haizhu new city and new department store in Panyu.

and i-buy reporter learned yesterday, following the end of April in the western modern department store opened the first store experience of cross-border electricity supplier, this year in Guangzhou in the other 5 stores open cross-border experience stores, including Beijing Road, Whampoa  store opened on July 6th, Gangding experience also conducted a comprehensive upgrade and expansion. The number of single product increased from 1000 kinds to 1600 kinds, and customs dutiable goods ratio is 3:2, mainly engaged in maternal and child supplies, health food, beauty cosmetic and personal care products etc.. The modern department store opened all 6, plus Grandbuy 3, department stores in Guangzhou will have 9 cross-border business store. Industry sources, the friendship store also intends to join the camp of cross-border electricity supplier.

Why is the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier

modern general manager Luo Jianji, deputy director of the department store, said: Although the current cross-border electricity supplier’s contribution to the performance of the department store is minimal, but we are still optimistic about its prospects for development.

industry insiders say that the cross-border electricity supplier as a new international trade pattern, huge market potential, will become an important growth point of foreign trade, reduce domestic and foreign consumer goods especially the price of luxury goods from the product category differences, effectively expand the importer >

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