Electronic invoice or within 3 years to open or lead to online commodity price surge

recently, the State Administration of Taxation website release network invoice management approach (Draft), intends to strive to 3 years to promote the electronic invoice to the country in the form of regulations promulgated. Reporters learned from the tax department, the current VAT levied on the shop is divided into 3% and two files. If the full tax, it may lead to large price increases. But the industry also said that at present most of the shops are not even business registration, taxation is very difficult.

Ji’nan original non tax pilot

it is understood that the electronic invoice is the product of the information age, refers to the electronic image of paper invoices, records, taxpayers can declare online, issued, to achieve the paperless invoice. Earlier this year, Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 22 provinces and cities were identified as the development of network (Electronic) invoice application pilot areas. Ji’nan, the provincial capital, is not listed. However, with the recent State Administration of Taxation, the network invoice management approach (Draft) release, electronic invoices will be 3 years in the country to promote, Shandong membership shop also included.

according to the Ji’nan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, as of March this year, Ji’nan also has a physical store and apply for a business license on the shop reached more than 17 thousand. In reality, there is no more store owner shop. Once the full liberalization of electronic invoices, tens of thousands of online shop is undoubtedly a severe test.

maximum or 17%

"current shop sales of goods invoices are value-added tax invoices." Yesterday, the reporter called the 12366 Shandong tax service hotline, the staff told reporters, VAT taxpayers are divided into small-scale taxpayers and general taxpayers, the tax rate was 3% and 17%. In accordance with the law, the sales amount of 10 yuan or more must take the initiative to provide invoices, in the case of the initiative to ask consumers to sell the amount of less than $10 should also be invoiced. But need to be registered in the trade and Industry Bureau and the Inland Revenue Department to obtain a tax registration only have the qualifications of the invoice, and now a lot of online shop is not registered in the trade and Industry Bureau, the invoice will be out of the question."

may lead to price increases

day, when a reporter asked about the invoice issue, Taobao shop owners Mr. Fan said, the small amount of goods is generally not invoiced, currently only transactions issued for more than hundred, but need to charge 6%. It is understood that Mr. Fan’s shop just opened this year, mainly engaged in health books, has not yet registered for industrial and commercial registration. "If the customer needs to invoice, I have to help other friends through the store, but also to pay some fees." He believes that once the tax in the shop popularity, will inevitably lead to the rise in sales prices. But this does not mean that the competitive advantage of the shop will weaken. Invoicing to pay taxes, the price of goods will naturally improve, but decided to shop low cost advantage is not just a factor in the invoice." Compared with the store, the shop is still a big advantage in rent, storage expenses, wages, sales agency fees and other aspects, even after tax prices will still be >

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