Double 11 electricity supplier war Tmall shows the awesome marketing

double 11 singles is a supplier of promotional Tmall launched in 2009, when Tmall also called Taobao mall. It is just like the Jingdong store promotional Singles Day 618 anniversary promotion, Taobao is Tmall’s trump card promotion, but with the rise of other business platform, regardless of the Jingdong or, or Tmall, whenever the promotion will lead to other business platform by a chain reaction, the electricity supplier of the original promotional evolved into online shopping carnival.

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reports, Taobao Tmall promotion in 11 day, 2 hours to create a sales record of 2 billion, even once Tmall paralysis serious problems, or Alipay interface to open slowly, or online banking can not pay directly, although the change in the second half of the situation, but also highlight the Taobao Tmall promotion activities attracted numerous online shopping consumers, from this point, Taobao Tmall is very successful in the day of the day of marketing.

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Tmall’s marketing campaign singles is very successful, from the big TV and CCTV prime time advertising bombing, major portals and soft news constantly full of consumer’s ear, eye, let a lot of online shopping is not originally interested consumers are eager, many consumers are wrapped on the momentum imperceptibly to buy a lot of useless things, because these promotional prices see no reason not to make a person enchanted.

promotion Thanksgiving

CCTV 2 sets of news on Ma’s interview, just put on the day before the promotion, this time can not be described as a coincidence. To conduct interviews from this time, Ma’s promotion team, ulterior motives, in the pockets of consumers, even became MA in an interview with the Thanksgiving promotion, so that consumers can feel Tmall for their customers’ Thanksgiving, this state is obviously more attractive, singles became Tmall’s Thanksgiving. Since Tmall thanks, then consumers will enjoy the blood was obviously grateful, finally is the Tmall earned sales people earn benefits.

a tricky dog tail


Tmall can be said to be very awesome in the marketing aspect, of course, with some success, at least from Taobao day sales exceeded 14 billion 600 million to illustrate this point, but behind the success of Tmall but can not cover many businesses in the promotion period playing cat greasy facts. Many consumers with discount price to buy the goods actually and the usual value are not much, even some goods are more expensive, there are many consumers said business promotional lack of sincerity, and even the existence of the problem of cheating, let these consumers have a crisis of confidence in Tmall.

has a lot of consumers said that the electricity supplier war can be more violent to a point, so that it can reflect the fundamental advantages of online shopping, but if the battle turned into a flicker of war, so the damage is not only the consumer online shopping enthusiasm, may also be the electricity supplier market in.

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