Amazon announced 2015 strategy the beginning of the seller’s University


] December 20th news billion state power network, the day before, Amazon China announced the 2015 strategic plan, said it would further increase the "innovation" and "localization". It will launch new services in logistics services, advertising, training and other aspects of the seller to support the development of the third party platform business, and will continue to increase the global shop project investment.


vice president of Amazon Chinese Luo Keyi (Kari Roe) said: "the number of sellers, Amazon third party platform selection and sales to achieve rapid growth in 2014. In 2015 we will continue to innovate and lead the seller to explore business opportunities in China and the global market."

it is reported that Amazon China will launch 3 innovations in the next year, including the increase in the logistics of goods delivery options, logistics value-added services and graphic version of the product description.

the "cash on delivery" service will open SF EXPRESS to the seller, which the seller can choose SF EXPRESS directly using cash on delivery, this is the third delivery modes of distribution and distribution of the amazon. While the Amazon logistics will also provide products warehousing advice, free replacement, repair and other value-added services.

addition, Amazon also said that in 2015, Amazon display advertising will be open to the seller, which is the first time the service is available to sellers in the world. Moreover, the Amazon third party platform will be officially launched at the beginning of 2015, Amazon’s first seller in the World University – Amazon sellers university".

and the results of the review in 2014, the introduction of the Amazon, in addition to the national distribution services, the new on-line Amazon regional distribution project allows sellers to determine the scope of delivery and freight. Amazon logistics has continued to increase the types of sellers warehousing products, including new mobile phone, chocolate, red wine, high price, high turnover rate category.

At the same time, "

adds many new features third party platform is still in the seller’s business report, the seller can use these new indicators to understand the specific time of customer visits, adjust inventory and product strategy."

in addition, billion state power network learned from Amazon, the Amazon in 2014, China global business expansion team 3 times, and began to provide bilingual sales proposal for the seller, but also added a Canada and Japan market (currently opened 9 international market). In the North American market, the number of Chinese sellers and merchandise sales have doubled growth.

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