Messi department store capital share network luxury Rainbow Night

China’s rapid expansion of the luxury market is also rising electricity supplier companies. United States Department of traditional retailers Messi department store (Macy ‘s) on the first overseas investment bet on the electricity supplier in china.

yesterday, according to foreign media reports, Messi department store will China luxury online discount business network to share $15 million, through exchange for small stakes in other business forms, "want to know the actual situation in China sales, help to assess the potential of the market Chinese." Messi Terry Lundgren (department store CEO · Terry J. Lundgren) said.

Messi borrows into China


this 135 year history of international retailers for China’s huge retail market to test the water the first step on the threshold of the electricity supplier.

as the world’s largest department store, Messi department store in China has not yet opened stores. But in 2011, Messi Department began to provide online shopping delivery service to more than and 100 countries, including China consumers, but the international freight high has been one of the barriers to expand in a wide range of reasons.

as part of the cooperation and share network protocol, Messi Department said, in Europe and the United States share network’s network set up "Messi area" to China consumers to sell a series of own brand products, and network launched by network to share in the first quarter of this year when the season of luxury goods online retail website.

it is worth noting that, unlike the previous Messi Department of Chinese network shopping, network and accept orders will be completed by the Department in Chinese, the previous Messi Department of international direct mail Chinese overhead in a great extent.

selling share network was established in 2009 by the international brand for sale, the main brands of global purchase, including clothing, bags, watches, accessories and other product categories, has won more than and 500 of the world’s international luxury brands direct authorization.

, according to reports, the cooperation between Messi and Jiapin network from the capital level to network operations, the network will also make a good fortune to give a board seat to the Department of.

Europe and the United States is expected to start in the spring of 2013, the sale of a series of Messi’s own brand of women’s and men’s fashion supplies, department stores will also be launched in the other own brand in the world of Messi. In order to enhance the user experience, the United States and Europe will use the existing network of warehousing logistics system to deliver goods, and users of the procurement of goods on the official website of Messi, will still be shipped from the United states.

luxury electricity supplier ran

fact, in the beginning of the establishment of the network after the 2010, coincides with the emergence of domestic luxury electricity supplier market. According to statistics, branch of the research center since 2010, China equity market has been disclosed, and jewelry, ornaments, clothing and other luxury package related e-commerce website investment event occurred 23 pen, disclosure >

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