A monthly income of over a million micro business working way

if we are a micro channel selling products, if we want to do a good job. If we want to achieve a monthly income of over 10000, if we do the following 5 points.

first you do interact with one hundred friends? Not to say we blindly to ask the so-called big coffee, big coffee are recommend! One hundred and you one thousand and you. You think this is the exact fans. Do you think these people are with you, do you think your friend suddenly rose to one thousand from five thousand, you think you’re awesome. But the question is, are they interacting with you? Do you think your fans are ten thousand and you’re good enough? Is it worth it?. Do the things you own are not clear positioning, others do not know what are you doing? You’ve been with fans, and mutual push each other, finally someone asks you why? You said I was the. Damn, people do not know that you are who you sold the

?Don’t go out to

and others, that is to interact or make big coffee you push ah! Then you with one thousand people to interact with you hematemesis, you have to spend much of the effort is not interactive? No interaction you have no influence! You don’t have to interact with the 1000 energy every day. It is more of a push or you usually add powder software plus powder artifact added to those who actually do not know you, you do not have a specific sense of influence. They want to add you just for a few friends, he is not because of some of your characteristics or the products you sell well. They pay attention to you, think about yourself,


we set up on this basis, whether they turn to ask whether they would like to stop. Every day with 100 interactive, or a week with one hundred people to interact. You take this energy to interact with one hundred people to understand them. To understand their properties about their hobbies, they do know what it is, to see whether they have the ability to consume you, as a seller of micro business, you even have the ability to buy each other if you do not know the day with powder and powder, and what things, plus friends what is the significance? Said each of us put this group of friends all over. You can add a four hundred and ninety-nine friends, but the problem is they know you? Do you want to interact with them?.

If you

a group or if you want to build a group, a group of micro business sellers, so I want to ask. The second question you can maintain the activity of six months?. Are you active for a year? This is the question of building a group of five hundred people, how long can you stay, and in what way you can keep it for half a year. A year or a week.

why our group do so well? To build a crowd of five hundred people immediately can be built up, and we are to comply with our rules, because of what? Because we establish a standard, we set up the rules. No rules no Cheng Fangyuan, this is to build a group to build the foundation, when we have this basic situation >

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