Suning com 0 yuan flash shot a TV heaven

after 11 noon have taken away 5 million 90 thousand pink nouveau riche in, later Guangdong Foshan Gong and 0 yuan in the flash shot to grab an original price of 1299 yuan 32 inch Samsung tv. More unbelievable is that flash shot after the "flash", the 12 day morning television has door-to-door, and send one "service.



Sky TV, he is’s lucky user

has 0 yuan flash shot bid, my first reaction is system error, about 11 evening of the "double eleven" night morning, still feel unbelievable to Mr. gong. "When I see the account orders show that when TV has entered the shipping link, I think this reliable," Mr. Gong told reporters.

indeed, 12 early in the morning, Mr. Gong received a telephone call from Suning logistics personnel said that television has downstairs, but because Mr. Gong go out to do something urgent, his wife Gong Taitai received Suning courier sent TV, "before we think is a liar, specifically called Suning service see a flash of television, I believe that her husband did not cheat me, the double eleven pie in the sky".

originally, because the TV at home has been used for five or six years, poor quality change, so the two couples together with buy online TV, because home curtains, electric kettle basically in to buy, so the double eleven to flash shot on touch of luck, not once to get to a surprise.

"very excited, I believe that the double eleven, no one online shopping cheaper than our home". Mrs. Gong proudly told reporters,

flash flash shot after delivery, Suning sending equipment integration more surprise


TV to Mr. Gong, but Suning delivery staff did not leave, but also from the car out of the installation tools, less than 10 minutes Mr. Gong lucky purchased TV installed, and can be used normally.

Suning delivery service is very good, I had to wait for some time before the TV to install the door, this time resolved, save me a lot of trouble." For Suning service, Mrs. Gong praise.

thought 0 yuan online shopping to TV enough surprises, but when Mrs. Gong proposed to pay, and shocked. From her husband Mr. Gong in the "double eleven" 0 yuan flash shot to the television, the TV in the living room is installed, the whole process to go down, the staff told Mrs. Gong only need to pay 5 yuan shipping charge.

TV is gong on 0 yuan to flash shot is free, on-site installation we launched the "sending equipment integration services". Mr. Gong to pay 5 yuan freight, just because "

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