2013 American holiday buying frenzy seasonal trend hot search list

even if the government will go bankrupt, I believe that consumers will be shopping online shopping season. According to the National Federation of retailers predicted that in November 2013 and in December will grow 3.9% compared to 2012, reaching $602 billion 100 million, which is a great opportunity for cross-border electricity supplier.

believes that overseas B2C have already started to experience the smell and taste of the shopping spree, from mid November to start many electricity providers who are facing double performance.

"Black Friday 2013" to increase the search volume


"Cyber Monday 2013" to increase the search volume


"Black Friday ads" increases the search amount by 351%

in the core area of the United States is more interested in black Friday.

but Adobe predicted that the network is the biggest shopping day of the year on Monday, is estimated to create $2 million 300 thousand in sales.

Adobe Digital Index forecast network on Monday is the biggest day of online shopping transactions (sales of up to $2 billion 270 million).


ComScore also predicted that this year’s network on Monday will be nearly three years since the craziest sales day



distance between Thanksgiving and Christmas and some day, so these days there will be several waves of shopping spree, Adobe also predicted that Thanksgiving will be the fastest increase in sales a day

Adobe believes that this year’s Thanksgiving online shopping will increase 21% over the previous year, many people will also be holding a mobile phone or mobile devices while watching the game to complete the shopping side!


what will people be interested in?

It is understood that

Apple Apple related products is one of the most popular iPad air, which is the most popular, very small iPad feel shy to say air just got hands, feeling very strange, the price is very moderate, worth



toys can not be mentioned in the shopping season, the following small series of toys are not familiar with, bitter force! But I still know Hello Kitty Oh!


in addition to toys and science and technology products, such as shoes and other surrounding products hot search, PS4, Xbox one popular attention! UGG imitation of foreign trade >

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