Alibaba is pushing network ten years electronic commerce changes Chinese

1999, e-commerce comes Chinese, Alibaba, 8848 raised e-commerce banner, began preaching the way, E China, excellence, Dangdang website will catch up, fueling the prairie fire electronic commerce.

2009, e-commerce has become an indispensable component in the Internet, affects all aspects of human life, in China, Alibaba, Amazon,, Dangdang, eBay and other sites multiped kingdoms, provide a variety of services for small and medium enterprises and individuals, the market of electronic commerce is put to infinity, and by cutting it infinitely small.

you have ten years of electronic commerce, the network is already ten years old.

March 11th, large-scale activities online trading platform by the world’s largest Alibaba launched the "network" of ten years, sparked a lively discussion of the industry, once again the 300 million Internet users focused on Electronic Commerce on the body.



network" is a group because the electronic commerce emerged, as the name suggests, is to review the network for ten years, and various network groups e-commerce platform for the emergence and development of the ten years. Remember the history of electronic commerce from barbarous age to modern civilization in the ten years. In the Alibaba merchant forum, a pseudonym for "see you quietly for ten years" of users in order to commemorate ten years of e-commerce, written "Chinese e-commerce 10 years pass", tens of thousands of words in the copious and fluent, the form of e-commerce will be ten years old, success and failure one by one. This is a long series published by users blitz, a few days time, the traffic will reach fifty thousand, thousands of users reply. From the 8848 Wang Juntao, Zhao Yongqing E, Lei Jun to excellence, a fascinating history, straight choke throat. There are young users reply in the article said that although the development of e-commerce missed ten years, but fortunately did not miss this article. This article, very fire.

e-commerce godfather’s first post

filed China e-commerce godfather, non Alibaba founder Jack Ma is. Businessmen at the forum, another popular posts "for electronic commerce history witnesses", many users have thread themselves with electronic commerce origin, from net experience, the first thing to buy products, payment transactions, the understanding of e-commerce, and shows the graphic objects in. Look. The most attractive to us, there are still good friends to Ma then in the online forum issued the first post to carry off all that one has come out, news has triggered a strong interest in friends, a time attracted numerous reading and replies rush about telling the news around spreading. In the early days of Ma Yun, he was very fond of talking with friends, and he was not so well known. The style and the modesty of the horse style had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Maybe Ma has forgotten what he had left online in the first sentence, but a long history at that time took the shutter, and keep it clear now, like yesterday.


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