The logistics industry or usher in the golden ten years face three

According to industry sources, the National Conference on the flow of work will be held recently, is expected to be introduced to deepen the reform of the circulation system, accelerate the development of the relevant documents of the circulation industry,


affected by the recent capital market logistics sector is very active. Market capacity continues to expand, favorable policies frequently introduced, in this context, China’s logistics industry will usher in the development of gold ten years". However, weak management, employment and financing difficulty, has become the domestic logistics enterprises bigger and stronger "stumbling block".

policy heater blowing frequency

this year, to support the development of the logistics industry policy heater blowing frequency. The first is the scope of the pilot replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "expand, after Shanghai, Beijing also launched a pilot, in addition to Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou city also proposed a pilot application, which is regarded as an important policy of the tax burden of logistics enterprises.

later, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "notice" on land and urban land use tax policies for the logistics enterprise commodity warehousing facilities, clear on the existing logistics enterprise commodity storage facilities for urban land use tax imposed by preferential policies.

at the beginning of May, the State Council forwarded the "opinions" about the 2012 rectification work requirements, management fees and logistics field of highway "sanluan". Reduce highway toll is conducive to reduce logistics costs, the long-term development of the national economy favorable, favorable policies for the formation of the logistics sector.

except for the enterprise and the policy financing for enterprises is still open". For a long time, the bank loan interest rate is high, the loan process is long, has been the logistics enterprises are facing difficulties. In addition to commercial banks have been launched for the logistics enterprises financing varieties, in October last year, the national development and Reform Commission signed a "strategic cooperation agreement to support the development of the logistics industry" and the National Development Bank, to support the merger and reorganization of logistics enterprises, cultivating large logistics enterprises. CDB official said, will play the advantages of integrated financial services investment loan debt rent card, innovation and design to meet the different needs of different customers, financial products, and actively guide social capital investment, to jointly support the development of the logistics industry.

Asia Logistics biennial organizers — Germany Munich International Expo Group responsible person told the newspaper: "whether it is pulling employment or contribution to the GDP, the logistics industry especially the modern logistics industry are of great merit. Based on the vigorous development of China’s economy, coupled with the rapid growth of e-commerce, China’s logistics is expected to show explosive growth, will usher in the ‘golden ten years’."

private logistics face three

A major weakness of

private logistics enterprises is weak, management ability. Some time ago, the stars will be anxious to raise a Babel of criticism of the boss "run away", reflects the governance structure of private enterprises is the confusion of a case. In fact, most of the private logistics enterprises lack systematic management framework.


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