Looking at the status quo of the three B2B based on the investigation of the basic elements of B2B w

I did a small survey on the Internet, so that users of the most basic elements of the B2B site, which is more concerned about the elements to vote, the results shown in Figure:

can be seen from the results, users on the B2B web site the most basic elements in three aspects: 1, more value, simple operation; 2, the website is smooth, clear navigation; 3, access speed; 4 pages, beautiful and natural, visual comfort.

a function more simple operation

said many functions, Alibaba have the function of many, HC, and Alibaba have a fight. However, the two sites have a common point is that more features, complex operation, the author in the background of the Alibaba groping for 2 hours, with the operating documentation, only to find out about. The operation is not to say, I was half an hour is not too clear, feeling not in a short time in the brain to form a functional framework, does not have the patience to stay down, turn off the.

when using the world factory, feeling the operation is very simple, very easy to use, let a person very clear where you are, what is their operation, but the factory of the world network function at this stage is very few, and the Alibaba, HC immeasurably, so relatively simple operation is normal. If in the later period of development more features, and is still so clear and simple operation, it is one of the world’s factory network core competitiveness.

two, website smooth, navigation clear

Alibaba as a dash more than and 10 years of big website, website fluency and navigation functions are under a lot of effort, in the foreground is the Alibaba, HC, the world factory is very good, but when it comes to the background of the operation, I think Alibaba and HC are there is room for improvement, navigation is not enough clear and smooth is also not perfect. The author for the first time on the Alibaba background, feel very confused, I don’t know where to operate, also don’t use text and daily habits in the background to a long time to know what is what, but don’t know how to get back to the front of a few pages, it will exceed the HC Alibaba, at least I can understand the the navigation is the point where specific. Relatively speaking, the world factory navigation is very good, it is very convenient, but the drawback is smooth relative to the Alibaba, HC still needs to be improved.

three, access speed

in the net in normal circumstances the site visit is very normal, is limited by the speed, hardware and so on external, will feel the site open speed is slow, such as Alibaba, HC, the times open, there are several obvious feeling home loaded slow landing to the background is too slow. The background page jump with long delay. When landing the world factory network have also been open, whitepages situation, but to visit several sites in the network under normal circumstances is no problem.

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