Gaopeng encounter integrity test group purchase has repeatedly crashed out of predicament

February 15, 2011, on the first day after Valentine’s day, by the Tencent and Groupon of the $50 million was officially Gaopeng hand line, by invitation to send specific mail the first time in the domestic Internet users before the true color. At the time of Groupon in the world already has a mature operating experience, to the Tencent with a huge user base, using QQ platform can quickly group purchase products for effective push, combination, scale effect.


Gaopeng CEO from the Tencent responsible for the operation, but was part of the Groupon team holding power, Groupon hired a considerable number of foreign executives in Chinese, also carried out large-scale staff recruitment. The initial landing China market, Gaopeng did not immediately a large number of online group purchase products, but carefully through some online activities to test the market, at the same time to promote the effect. According to the marketing plan, at the beginning of May, Gao Peng chose nowadays the most popular marketing way, organized the "micro-blog prize forwarding activities, prizes are very attractive for white iPhone. This activity was a strong market response, Gaopeng becomes almost All the world knows. is "to do so". Unfortunately, this activity Gaopeng to Internet users only "shock", "no joy".

as a kind of almost no profit in the form of marketing, micro-blog forwarding is the best choice for both efficiency and effectiveness. After the micro-blog Gaopeng issued, within a very short period of time has been forwarded 110 thousand times, a great achievement. At 3 pm on May 10th, officially announced the winners of Gaopeng account, but then it is found that the two users account in Sina, Tencent and even from two sites in the award-winning micro-blog account has the same. In the great voices of doubt, after half an hour of human flesh search, the two account owners are surfaced, Gaopeng’s own employees


all along irresponsiblecorporations old came, first is Gaopeng denied, then closed the official micro-blog, delete all the information related to the event, and then blamed two employees don’t have selfish motives. Gaopeng such arbitrary way, lack of play behavior in the eyes of domestic users, very rough, no big business style. Since then, Gaopeng’s notorious".

Gao Peng was founded, has been in the country nearly 40 city completed the layout, and according to the high-level issued indicators, the rapid formation of more than 3000 people in the team. Among the rapid expansion, the Chinese believe that the recruitment of foreign employees because of the uneven quality of the Chinese think it is difficult to manage. This drag, Gaopeng has been to appear big or small twists and turns. Finally, in July, with the suddenness of a thunderbolt recruitment style is exactly the same, Gaopeng and launched a whirlwind of continuous scale layoffs.

"in all departments in the conference, Gaopeng has distribution in nearly 40 of the city, is currently not >

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