From Com to Cn in the localization to the world

Internet commentator pointed out that the CN domain name to accelerate development is an inevitable trend, because the number of Chinese, has more than one hundred million Internet users and the scale of tens of millions of enterprises, and the base is still growing at an alarming rate, the development mode of future CN domain name should be more than ten million registrations. The main battlefield in Chinese on the CN domain name as a good boxer, a beautiful left hook, crisp COM domain name down on the floor. We look forward to the battlefield in the whole world, CN can shine as the bright younger generation. On the face of it, this is a domain name war, but through the fog of the battlefield, we see two types of economic and cultural struggle. Inside, there is a win-win, there is differentiation, more new forces on the old forces beyond.

if you type "" on your computer, you will find that the Facebook page is in the United states. Although the country’s most popular campus community has not yet launched the Chinese version, but quietly registered.Cn domain name, the move will generally be seen as a signal to enter the Chinese market Facebook. And six months ago, the world’s largest social networking site MySpace Chinese version of the line, but also enabled the already registered.Cn domain name as the main domain name.

some people think that they learned a lesson from Google. In April 2005, Google entered the market Chinese agloat, originally thought that everything is ready, but unexpectedly found himself not only the wind – domain name registration ahead preserved, the last foot teeth, "millions of dollars" the cost of redemption, and thus launched a series of strategic action of Internet brand – CN domain name. The first is to enable the "Google" Chinese name and registered "Google.Cn" CN "" Chinese domain and CN domain; to October 29th this year, Google even for China users to launch the simplest cannot correct spelling of Google. ". Industry sources, Google to spend the price of up to ten million U.S. dollars, can be described as at ten million gold, Iraq for CN crazy.

from.Com to.Cn

due to the origin of the Internet in the United States, for a long time, in people’s minds,.Com is almost synonymous with the internet. However, this idea is slowly changing. In recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, the Chinese people’s self-confidence is gradually enhanced, no longer think that foreign things is the best. Some national brands gradually into the world, become the people’s hearts "world class". The development of the national economy is reflected in the forefront of the economy – the development of the Internet, but also the same phenomenon. People no longer think that the COM domain name is the best domain name on the Internet, on the contrary, with the development of.Com for many years,.Com domain resources are being exhausted. The COM domain name management company VeriSign faces up to 7>

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