Public comment on the on line real time rendering the global map chowhound play eat hot

if China chowhound travel to Kuala Lumpur to go to Sydney to play, the most favorite vegetarian favorite carnivorous, relatively easy to understand, then go to London to eat mutton, Hand-Pulled Noodle and big buns and other "domestic" to Melbourne, love shopping in Quanjude, how friends feel? In fact, with the increase of sea travel. Public comment has become an essential artifact in the sea travel service. Close to 51, Chinese leading city consumer platform public comment officially launched "chowhound map", the user can inquire the information of the world’s hottest idle away in seeking pleasure in the public comment, truly "comments in hand, the world I have". It is reported that this is also a masterpiece of public comment data visualization brand following the "taste map" after the launch of the new upgrade, Chinese covering 34 provinces, more than and 370 cities and 28 overseas popular tourist city.

public comment chowhound map "real-time data (April 27th 10:00), the time of overseas popular tourist city (including Hong Kong) is the most popular dishes, wonton noodles and rice cake Hot pot of tea, the most popular dishes, and is Chicken with Three Cups Sauce Duojiaoyutou Roasted Duck; and in the overseas popular tourist City (including Hong Kong and Macao), each meal per capita consumption price of the most expensive TOP3 city is Kyoto, London and Tokyo, respectively 795 yuan, 522 yuan and 501 yuan, the per capita consumption of the most expensive TOP3 city of Hongkong, Macao and Shanghai, respectively 164 yuan, 160 yuan and 109 yuan, compared with foreign food consumption the average price is much higher than that of domestic.

according to "public comment chowhound map" real time data reflect the Asian city of Kuala Lumpur is "vegetarian city", five dishes are the hottest local rock candy stewed melon, Fujian longan S.grosvenorii, Bak-Kut-The lotus, Hutchison Fujian and wings, which are the three most fire dishes vegetarian; Oceania city of Sydney is the "carnivorous city", five local dishes of the fire are carnivorous, including meat, followed by lobster, abalone, beef offal, beef and fried with; and in Europe, London, five dishes China favorite chowhound in Roasted Mutton, Hand-Pulled Noodle big buns and sirloin Hot pot buffet, China people eat "products", but at the same time, Western-style food authentic cold; as Australia’s first Quanjude Quanjude stores, Melbourne store set thousands of pet in one, become Melbourne’s most popular Shopping landmark.

The function of

, the "two dimension map covering area and time chowhound", divided into overseas popular tourist city, national, provincial / municipal and prefecture level city four regional level, and view the current time and past time period of two time coordinate, choose the user can view and overseas popular tourist city the country’s most popular dishes, the most popular play, and in the city map, on behalf of the corresponding merchant dishes and play and users can directly understand the most attention of the local.

public comment "chowhound map" relevant person in charge, "chowhound map" is the public comment through a data mining of massive data in its 12 years of domestic and overseas areas to launch the accumulation of idle away in seeking pleasure can be.

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