Electricity supplier War can not be ignored payment bottleneck

– reporter Liu Jianjian

double 11 amazing trading volume behind, accompanied by the emergence of transaction congestion, unable to pay and other issues. In 1 hours before November 11th 1 in the morning, a number of domestic online banking payment link downtime, "not to take" stay up late in the morning let many consumers complain about the panic buying on the internet. Some netizens even said, Alipay’s official website "shopping is coming, the payment must be awesome" is his own petard.

online "stuck" frequently appear

and the third party payment platform is closely linked to the bank in the consumer frenzy become somewhat powerless". In November 11th 1 in the morning, Alipay users notice: due to the huge flow, China Merchants Bank system congestion, users are advised to try again later or switch to Alipay and other bank card. Subsequently, the Construction Bank online banking also due to pressure caused by the system was a collapse, the user can not pay. In addition, the Bank of China, industrial bank, postal savings bank and other banks are also due to the use of an excessive number of emergence of the system is busy, the need for counseling. Reporters found that, in addition to ICBC and other banks relatively good performance, the other banks have been almost all the impact of the user experience to pay the situation.

IT anonymity said, whether it is Alipay or banks, theoretically can solve the "double 11" like a large number of customers at the same time pay to send instructions to the line congestion may occur, but the cost will be very high".

this is a bit like the daily road traffic, if the traffic is too large, in order to prevent traffic jams, may be limited to only part of the vehicle through." The source believes that the situation in the final analysis of the carrying capacity of the banking system is not enough, the bank may face a little less than expected demand."

insiders said, payment companies can not bypass banks to provide payment services, and commercial banks have long China Guozihao style due to its flexibility and competition is not strong, in the process of cooperation and payment in the enterprise, its internal equipment, personnel allocation system, to keep up with the pace of enterprise payment is not easy. Things.

quick payment victory

from the photographed goods to login online banking and then to verify the dynamic password cumbersome online banking payment procedures, in the fast payment here, only one key can be completed. This simple operation of the rapid means of payment in the spike rush, highlighting the advantages.

before November 11th, Alipay combined various cooperative banks for a special expansion on quick payment channels. It is understood that at the beginning of October, China Merchants Bank and Alipay had to communicate, and set up a "double 11" system security command center, not only the temporary increase in the credit card online payment, please in advance through the customer card recharge Alipay account.

precisely because of this, the "double 1>

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