Shampoo toothpaste and other tariffs greatly enhance overseas purchasing or affected

[Abstract] shampoo, shower gel and other daily necessities and cocoa butter and other commodity tariffs increased from 10% to 50%.



technology news (Sun Hongchao) December 25th news, SF EXPRESS today’s sea Amoy brand sea purchase Feng Yun in its official website announcement said, the latest notification Chinese customs, shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash slobber, hair conditioner, nasal wash, burn ointment, cream, cocoa butter and other insect tariffs on goods by 10% of the total increase of 50%.

According to the provisions of Article 1 "

after the announcement of the General Administration of Customs in 2010 forty-third", personal mailed items, customs import duties imposed by law, but apply import duties at 50 yuan (including 50 yuan) below, shall be exempt from customs. The shampoo and bath dew before the tax rate is 10%, personal care, cosmetics import tax rate is 50%.

cross-border electricity supplier related to the Tencent said, import tariffs will increase the costs of imported goods, will increase the market price of imported goods, all countries impose tariffs on imports as a means of restricting foreign imports of goods.

in addition, in the days before the Ministry of finance also announced the adjustment of import and export tariff announcement, since January 1, 2016, China’s import and export tariff adjustment, moderately expand consumer goods tariff reduction on the previous range, the import tariff rate is relatively high, imported hot bags, clothing, scarves, blankets, vacuum cup, sunglasses and other goods that will reduce import tariffs on the provisional tax rate method.

cross-border electricity business people to the Tencent of science and technology, the continuous introduction of tariff adjustment will have an impact on the overseas purchasing, but not too much impact on the cross-border electricity supplier has been basically mature bonded goods collection mode.

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