The second half of the export of electricity supplier Haofang group to do a 2 self revolution

recently, the word began to pop up the Internet circle "in the second half:" after experiencing the rapid development of industry, a period of consolidation reshuffle, the story did not end, but will open a new competition in another dimension. This state is used to describe the export electricity supplier is also very suitable.

in 2010, the export of electricity supplier sellers relatively easy to make money; and 6 years later, the export of electricity supplier sales pattern has been set, have a bottleneck. In order to break through the existing overseas sales, some enterprises in addition to product sales to overseas through Amazon, eBay, aliexpress business platform, also begin to consider other channels of export, sales from "Chinese manufacturing" thinking to brand internationalization.

ho group is one of them. In 10 years of accumulation of cross-border exports, from simple sales company, the transformation of cross-border electricity providers integrated service platform for cross-border electricity supplier export has been given the basic pattern of the second half, he must fight war dislocation competition is what kind of play


, integrated service platform, the transition from the seller; to establish partnership mechanism, this is the two big group is trying to adjust the world. The two adjustment is based on the consideration of how? Haofang group cross-border electricity integrated service platform, deputy general manager Li Weichao, billion state power network to do in-depth analysis.

from seller to integrated service platform

from the original main business B2C sellers to exceed 3 billion yuan in sales this year Haofang group, founded in 10 years. In 2010 after the export of cross-border electricity supplier tuyere, it began to discuss the strategic transformation, from the seller’s transformation into a set of cross-border electricity providers, integrated services, venture capital funds and Internet marketing integrated cross-border service platform.


Li Weichao told billion state power network, the current cross-border business climate has been changing, not 2010 "add money can stage, overseas sales competition export, create explosion models is particularly difficult. And, from the cross-border export sales system, the pattern of the entire industry has been formed. Lanting Pavilion set potential has been listed overseas, Dunhuang in the domestic market is also doing better than the global resources, Alibaba has also expanded from B2B to sell through the B2C, basically a large industry pattern has been formed."

therefore, even now, cross-border electricity threshold is not high, you can in the cross-border export platform registered sellers, but if you want to take control of a good front-end to back-end marketing supply chain, Li Weichao think this is not so simple, because marketing advertising, logistics, customs clearance and supply chain links, contains a lot of skills."

in July this year, all in Dongguan in cooperation with Google launched the Google AdWords marketing experience center, found in addition to cross-border electricity drainage of Amazon, eBay, aliexpress platform, and other sales channels of the way. Prior to this, many buyers to buy overseas products are mostly on the platform search

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