The strongest in the history of shop wealth password Taobao strategy of complete analysis

the author through long-term research and data collection, C2C website development status of the same industry at home and abroad, analyzes deeply on Taobao’s "Taobao" strategy, and the future of Taobao made a forecast. In this paper, the development of Alibaba’s "big Taobao" strategy is divided into four stages. Through this article, you will have a very comprehensive understanding of Taobao’s "birth, development, evolution, evolution, and transformation", and it is clear to see the future of Taobao. The seller will have a guiding role in the management of their own shops and future development plans. In order to make it clear to everyone, so the article is a bit long. Please be patient, there will be a great harvest.

September 2008, Ma announced that it will invest to start "Taobao" strategy, the Alibaba group will invest 5 billion yuan to support the plan, and the mother of Ali and Taobao merger, indicates that the next few years will be Taobao extraordinary years.

for big Taobao Strategy MA explained: ‘big Taobao’ is to do e-commerce service providers, for all e-commerce participants to provide water, electricity, gas and other basic services. Like some places first to do the "three links one ping ‘in the investment before, to provide a good production and living environment, then you can come into the nest, a prosperity." In fact, Taobao to do the three links and a flat, is to allow all of their users in the big Taobao platform payment, marketing, logistics and other technical issues can be smooth unimpeded. Ma Yun to do Taobao understand and input to the retail network in 5 years, want to give the size of the huge number of network operators to provide a mature and systematic network retail solutions, help them to open up a broad domestic market goods at the lowest cost and highest efficiency.

by Taobao in 2009, a series of actions we can find that the big Taobao strategy will be far more than the realization of the original description of the three links and a flat so simple. In fact, the success of the big Taobao strategy will bring to the world a new e-commerce ecosystem, in the near future to create a gorgeous commercial civilization on earth.

Ma Yun’s big Taobao strategy is very ambitious and complex, involving all aspects of the entire business, the whole is a process of evolution and evolution. We divide the process into 4 stages of evolution.

Taobao’s primary business phase

The integration of the first stage of "Taobao

" strategy is the internal resources, the Ali Mama and with Taobao and Alibaba, open platform, commercial ecological chain forms a B2B2C. July 8, 2009, the 6 anniversary of the activities of Taobao, Taobao President Lu Zhaoxi for the first time to make a clear definition of Taobao, Taobao =eBay+ Lotte (Rakuten) + Amazon (Amazon). Now we will separately from Taobao’s 3 target templates to analyze the big Taobao strategy evolution of the first >