The essence of O2O takeaway speed and hunger


network travel market burn war ended, the market also took over the online meal ordering of the hot potato. Of course, the purpose of the burn is basically the same, that is for money or even free way, cultivate the consumption habits of users.

in fact, online meal ordering already, but more is the individual behavior of catering enterprises. Now, with a large number of Internet companies have flocked into online meal ordering has also been given a more fashionable name – takeaway O2O.

Although the concept of

O2O looks very beautiful, but publishers are very clear, whether it is O2O or O2O car takeaway, housekeeping, O2O, beauty O2O…… Most O2O are engaged in hard work. Therefore, such as BAT chiefs, even if it is optimistic about the field and invest in a company, will not personally.

bitter and tired of the main source, in the final analysis or logistics issues. Jingdong have the right to speak in the mall, after years of hard construction, finally carry over. The problem is that taking the O2O logistics timeliness is much higher than the electricity supplier, 30 minutes is almost the limit of the user waiting. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why hungry after obtaining financing immediately said, to a large scale self logistics.

in a nutshell, cooperation in the catering enterprises almost the same situation, takeaway O2O, is selling rate, who can use the fastest speed and solve the hunger situation, who can eat yourself.

is not difficult to foresee, in the future, takeaway O2O logistics and distribution for the degree of competition even more than electricity providers. However, this competition and the electricity supplier industry is very different, the electricity supplier self built logistics, as long as you are willing to operate almost 24 hours. As of now, take off O2O logistics and distribution peak is mainly concentrated in the afternoon and evening, the rest of the time, the basic distribution capacity is idle. Therefore, who can make delivery personnel in the morning and afternoon there are dry, it is to solve the problem.

and O2O are similar to the chef takeaway, love as the representative of the chef O2O door is also facing the same problem, how to let the chefs in the morning and afternoon there to work and earn money, has become the biggest problem in O2O enterprises.

moment, a faint layout seems to be emerging, hungry, love chef O2O companies are in cooperation with Jingdong. See, the future of the author, the different demands of the logistics distribution, if we can find common, to some extent, realize the sharing of the release of production capacity will be limitless.