You want to re recognize the SNS community

first, I want to redefine the SNS community.

standard definition has been summed up, but around the mountains around the water too much nonsense. According to my understanding, just a word: the traditional social network mapping. In other words, we can do in the traditional community, SNS community can get, and with the help of Internet technology, can be more quickly and easily get. Among them, the need for information flow, entertainment, tools and so on. So, what’s the matter?

from the current situation, the current SNS has two main features: first, the media attributes, and the two is the entertainment function.

media properties are almost the first feature of all Internet applications, SNS can not be avoided. The only difference is that the SNS community to the "individual" this attribute to a very high degree. Specific means is the widespread use of feed. What is feed? A way of transferring information. Through the bidirectional control of feed, the SNS community realizes the communication between the user and the user. This communication in my opinion, it is not a relationship, but a subscription to the news. From this point of view, almost all of the SNS community is an infinite combination of personal media.

The entertainment trend of

SNS community broke out in the open app, originated in the Facebook led a large community of SNS, in the domestic is happy net spread, eventually uch make blossom everywhere. It is the people buying and selling slaves, the whole race for parking spaces, the people steal the lively scene of crops.

of course, there are a handful of SNS communities that provide specialized tools for applications. For example, watercress, to provide users with professional services of cultural products.

so, what should SNS be like?

said earlier, SNS community should be the traditional social network mapping. So, the SNS community should not only exist as a personal media, can not only solve the problem of user entertainment. In addition to the information transfer and entertainment, the SNS community should also address the lodging, travel and entertainment and other needs for survival and personalized professional services. To put it bluntly, what the traditional society, what do the SNS community, basically not outrageous. Among them, the tool attribute must occupy the core position, entertainment only as an auxiliary service, and information flow, is the basic means to achieve all of this.

, that is to say, the ideal of the SNS community, it should be to provide personalized lodging, travel and entertainment services as the main service. The difference is that these services are entirely "personal" as the center. SNS community know your delicacy taste, recommend to you the corresponding, nearby restaurants; the SNS community to understand your culture, to recommend the latest movie coming or being released to you, but this movie is just what you want to see; working time, it can find the work needed reference for you; then, to help you formulate suitable travel plan before the holidays……

I think this is a new opportunity for the SNS community.