Suning com marked hazy price trample on user experience for what


look forward to the electricity supplier, you contend for me to grab, have to force the price war. The first Jingdong 618 million yuan layout after the 50 million anniversary, Tmall push hit BRIC, and zero yuan shopping preferential activities. This is all behind the price war, such as several large electricity providers are promised, really for the sake of consumers? The real benefit from the consumers do not think in the wind? No! But most are made with boo head, consumer sentiment, with experience in the wind alone talk about virtual standard prices to deceive consumers an example of


recently because of various electricity providers are actively to fight a price war, so in the wind Dugu using this opportunity and other consumers happy to browse and buy the necessary goods in the major electricity supplier platform. As always wanted to buy a new Ipad tablet, so open the electricity supplier website price comparison, to determine which is cheaper to buy a good start. Jingdong, Tmall and several sites on the capacity of 16G and 3G function with black Ipad tablet computer price at around 2800, while showed the price is 1999 yuan. Thought to engage in special activities, and immediately ordered to buy, who knows the payment process, the price of the product has become 2777 yuan. Let me suddenly a surprised, this is not to deceive consumers? The standard price is 1999 yuan, but the payment is displayed as 2777 yuan, it is not obvious at that time been advance secretly by an unknown path? Look, if you do not see and payment, the bank account will be rather baffling estimate of nearly 800 yuan more direct deduction of injustice money.

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, on news reports on the Internet today, is also a consumer reflect during 0 yuan shopping activities an item to its business platform to display on the price of three, which with the similar experience in the wind alone is the promotion and purchase home page is two prices, not tell in the end what is the true price of goods, the formation of objective user consumption cycle error., you are suspected of fraud or intentionally mislead consumers in a psychedelic Bureau so that consumers feel that your product is very cheap


experienced this incident, Jingdong, Tmall price following the great warrior in the tide of image in the minds of the instant collapse in the wind alone! Regardless of family Jingdong, Tmall, the United States is false sales data, one is the people’s website no price marked the error which shows people at least professional is to afford browse their goods to consumers. does not light, but the price marked wrong or a thing to show three price, do you have a professional online editor? There is no business platform operators professional? There is no professional business operations team? Remember the last search in Baidu tablet computer ", open the Baidu promotion the promotion of content page links," I’m sorry, with your goods not found". so big business platform, and tablet computer products are still above the display, actually.