Contribution electricity supplier two choose a bottom line where

text / Xu Dong

first told a joke:

Hunan satellite TV celebration, want to engage in a big event, invited many famous domestic actors. Other TV look, also suit to engage them. So the CCTV does not sit, the boss here, how could you make a generation? So privately issued a notice to all artists, who participated in the Hunan TV actor in the future will be allowed to participate in any activities of cctv. Listen to all the actors, the pros and cons, a look that is bright, so have a u-turn. But the audience moved a small bench waiting for a long time, but found that most actors did not play, only Hunan TV called cheating, called CCTV power, helpless moved a small bench back, said never believe you this shit tv. Hunan satellite TV CCTV helpless cry, laughing, after fantasy years, all the local stations all out, even every day to broadcast advertising, as ratings, not Kuaizai!

in June 18th, this is a normal day, Jingdong for the anniversary, become the eleven outside of another electricity supplier festival. Of course, without exception, once again triggered a scuffle in the electricity business. From the beginning of 5.30, Suning, Gome, Dangdang, the 1st shop, Yi Xun, Amazon six platform faction have moves, sniper Jingdong, trying to share.

these Hu play, Jingdong is not the most terrible. The real threat from Taobao variant – Tmall. Vice president of Jingdong Kui Ying Chun blog to denounce Ali, accused Tmall of forcing businesses to choose a "two". It is confirmed that Tmall forced businesses to choose one thing does exist two.

this is not the first time "two choose one", as we have experienced the war of 3Q years ago, three years ago. When a company is in a monopoly position in the industry, two choose a chance to happen, not to mention the lack of regulation in China and the moral bottom line of the Internet industry.

two select the root cause of the emergence of a monopoly in the channel, in the three mainstream electricity supplier model, Ali as the domestic electricity supplier giant, are in a dominant position. C2C, Taobao dominated the C2C market, occupy more than 90% share; B2B, Alibaba’s share of about 52%, second less than 10% of the global resources, dominant position no shake; B2C field, Tmall accounted for about 52%, second of the Jingdong is about 22%, the other platform is a digit ratio. Ali is the only strength in the electricity supplier industry to allow users to choose a company of two, and Jingdong is the only one worthy of Ali to make a decision to select a potential opponent of the "two.

for ten years, Taobao beat predecessors eBay, monopoly C2C, hatching out of Tmall, a Juhuasuan, Amoy, all is the brother; secure payment system established by Alipay, Chinese accumulated the largest electricity supplier information flow and capital flow, attack can not be second to none.

ten years, Liu Qiangdong after several transformation, to the end of the price of the butcher’s 3C digital profiteering, to establish the loss of years