Analysis on the prospect of glasses electricity supplier O2O mode or will help them a helping hand


is well known, China is a populous country, due to this advantage, the broad market in the development of Chinese glasses industry. Along with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, marketing and promotion of many industries involved in the line, from the early clothing, household appliances and now catering, tourism and other industries, these industries, online marketing has entered the white hot stage. Now, part of the electricity supplier aimed at fresh industry, began to attack, some electricity providers aimed at the glasses industry. With the prevalence of O2O mode, glasses businesses can use this model to help themselves.

We know about

glasses is not like buying sunglasses as simple user fancy which can directly buy glasses before going through optometry to match to fit his glasses. Online glasses may seem simple, in fact, a lot of difficulties.

online glasses business is facing perhaps the biggest obstacles is the refraction problems for consumers, businesses should want to do online sales and promotion, it is particularly important to this point online optometry. Wear glasses friends should understand, when we go to the optician glasses shop, there will be a special optometrist, and only after that experience, because sometimes play glasses make the face look more more symmetrical, so the user experience, it is also very important. So, along with these problems, whether can online optician optometry and offline experience online and offline? (O2O) mode is to let go of glasses electricity supplier.

combination of online and offline, sales promotion, online and offline store for consumers and customer service optometry services, this idea seems so beautiful. It is easy to say, really easy to do it? Glasses electricity supplier should follow the model of the future will be how? Or, O2O model can help glasses electricity supplier success?

we now know there are several glasses electricity supplier has done relatively successful, for example, super Ohno and so on, one of them is a combination of online and offline mode, which is now popular —-O2O model. For example, set up in 2005 billion glasses, in this short period of time. The glasses did Tmall, Jingdong, and other online glasses sales channels in the first title of honor, is what makes him so successful?

, A5 ( editor for the understanding, in the ultra billion glasses just established soon, also encountered a lot of problems, for example, when the newly established, capital operation due to insufficient to please the optometrist and purchase equipment. One of the founder of Lee Chang Li ultra billion glasses did not panic, but in the shop on the site to see the hope, of course, during which he also considered to allow consumers to go to the hospital after optometry glasses again, but it brings consumers a lot of trouble, he later in the shop location selection, with relatively little remote this address, relative to the center of the rent can save a lot of money to purchase a >