With Babanu Shopping for Refund net on Taobao customers should learn those SEO

today is not simply to make a guest blog or forum post can earn money, more and more people into this industry, competitiveness is the beginning as can be imagined, do Taobao customers, also do not understand what, listen to people say to have a website or blog, but I have a website and the blog, no less – time to start a month not income of one, the problem is you recommend products no one patronize, no visitors. Later know SEO, I studied for a period of time diving A5, plus my Babanu Shopping for Refund network practice for a period of time, there was a little achievement. I do not say you can master all the essence of SEO, at least have to grasp some of the basics, Taobao customers can have income.

in the station you have to plan the key words you want to do, this is very important, I also spent a lot of energy in this, just started a lot of detours, I hope you do not detour. Select the web application to Baidu and Baidu index after check the value of those keywords, some keywords to find relevant to your site content, in the Baidu index to see how to check the search volume every day, just started to make recommendations for the keyword is too popular, in the Baidu index below some relevant keywords that to make full use of, in the Baidu search the keywords how many pages, and then look at the first page is what, if the display on the first page of the forum and some other blogs is some what, but the search results in less than one million, the word can do, very easy to do. Of course there are a keyword tool, but I have not used, feeling the two best tools, Baidu keyword search drop-down box and the bottom of the relevant search tips is also a good choice, relevant keywords Baidu index can be chosen, as long as a good grasp of the intensity of competition is no problem, not in the Baidu index the word searches do not understand, I began to do some of those words and wasted time and energy. Do not change the key words, including the title, often change, then Baidu will not give you a long time rankings.

website article must not simply copy and paste, at least a false original, it will be included, I give my Babanu Shopping for Refund daily update one or two articles now, so Baidu will keep up with the snapshot, ranking only. The content of the article to write and your web site theme related, in the title of the article contains the key words, this is conducive to enhance the ranking, but also can increase the probability of the intention of the user search.

do a good job in the words of the site and layout after every day send some external link to their website, send the chain content to the original, it will be included, can be sent to some high weight forum or blog like A5 excellent platform more than the best some soft Wen chain increases very fast, we can look at the author’s reference station in Baidu www.mianmo123.net more than and 780, the chain has more than half of all is the soft reprint. Links every day to maintain the exchange of one or two high quality, it is best to change and related websites, so that the weight will be higher than irrelevant.